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ctreport-selenium is a simple, creative and a customizable report for automation testing using Python. Best suitable for pytest, unit test and nose framework.

Project description


CT Report for Selenium

ctreport-selenium is a simple, creative and customizable report for selenium automation testing using Python.


  • Different view of your test execution result
  • Dashboard view with multiple graphs to understand the tests
  • Test Detail view to show complete test
  • Filter and Search any test
  • Reference section for ctreport-selenium specific terminologies like Status, Priority, and Severity
  • Customizable option through JSON file
  • Screenshots better view
  • Toast message for every endpoint of the report for the clear understanding
  • Fairly mobile friendly

Sample Image

Installation and Usage

pip install ctreport-selenium

Define reportconfig.json file

First, you should define the session. While creating session session_details and report_options can be defined/modified.

In session_details, you can provide the current test session details


"session_details" : {
      "Owner": "Naveen.S",
      "application_name": "MyApp1",
      "application_version": "V1.04",
      "platform": "Windows10",
      "additional_information":"Browser - Chrome 84"

In report_options, below properties can be provided

  • theme (Default/Dark Angel) (Currently ctreport-selenium supports two theme 1. Default 2. Dark Angel)
  • title (report title)
  • logo (your company logo)
  • show_reference (reference section)
  • zip_if_screenshot (In case, the screenshot is created then you can select this option to create zip file- report+screenshot )
 "report_options" :{
     "theme": "Default",
     "title": "Test Report",
     "logo": "MYLOGO.PNG",
     "show_reference": "True",
     "zip_if_screenshot": "True"

Start the Session

driver = webdriver.Chrome(executable_path=r'chromedriver.exe')
Session.start(test_execution_name="Smoke Test - MyApp1",

Create Test

For each test, you can create an object for the Test class. While creating the object for the Test class you can define the below parameters

  • Name
  • Id
  • Description
  • Priority (Refer below reference section)
test = Test("Search Fund links", 
             description="Search by search term- Fund",

Methods in Session class

Method Description
set_driver(driver) In case of driver is not passes in Session.start() method later you can pass through this method

Methods in Test class

Method Description
log(self, *message) Method to record the steps for your test in the report
self.test.log("Navigate to search page")
error(self, *message, exception=None, takescreenshot=False) Method to record the error message in the report
broken(self, *err) Method to mark the current test as Broken and record the exceptions
Broken - Test case stopped due to fatal errors(check the reference section)
skip(self, message) Method to skip the current test
take_screenshot(self, message=None) Method to take screenshot
assert_are_equal(self, actual, expected, description=None, onfail_screenshot=False) Mark the assertion steps and it supports asserting following types
Note: All assertions are treated as Blocker severity (check the reference section)
verify_are_equal(self, actual, expected, description=None, severity=Severity.MAJOR, onfail_screenshot=False) Mark the verification steps and it supports verifing the following types
(check the reference section)

Finish Test

Every test should be finshed before next test start/before Session ends


End Sesion

Session should be end at end of your script




Status: Test status after execution

Status Description
Pass Test case is passed without any verification/assertion/fatal errors
Fail Test case is failed due to verification/assertion errors
Skip Test case skipped due to blocker or critical issue in dependencies
Broken Test case stopped due to fatal errors


Priority: Applies to test case

Priority Description
High Test case on the most important features of the application
Medium Test case on features of the application which is next to High priority test cases
Low Test case on features of the application which is considered to be executed rarely


Severity: Applies to verification and assertion statements

Note: All assertions are treated as Blocker severity

Severity Description
Blocker The system or functionality is currently unavailable to continue working on the application because of this incident
Critical Essential functionality is not functioning and no acceptable workaround
Major Essential functionality is not functioning unless acceptable workaround is implemented
Minor Minor inconvenience in the functionality and application remains operational


If you encounter any problems, please file an issue along with a detailed description.

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