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CLI that help you to improve the SEO and UX of your websites.

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Generates a basic website template with a focus on SEO and UX.


This is a small script that allows you to generate a basic template of a website through a configuration file.
In this file, you can define different variables that will produce a different template in each case.

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pip install cushead

Required python version >= 3.8


usage: cushead { --help | { --config | --default [ --images ] } FILE }

excluding arguments:
  -h, --help     Show this help message and exit.
  -c, --config   Read a config file and create the website template based on it.
  -d, --default  Generate a default config. Can be used with --images.

optional arguments:
  -i, --images   Use with --default. Generate default images that can be used by the default config file.
                 This include: favicon_ico_16px.ico, favicon_png_2688px.png, favicon_svg_scalable.svg and preview_png_600px.png

positional arguments:
  FILE           Input or output file used by the --config or --default arguments.
                 For --config it must be a path to a config file in JSON format.
                 For --default it must be the destination path where to want to create the default config.
                 If the --images argument is set, the images would be created in the directory of that file.

1) Generate default config file with images:
  cushead --default --images config.json
2) Run that config:
  cushead --config config.json


Web development is an area that is very evolved today. It has grown a lot over the years and, like everything that proliferates, it has become more complex. This little package only solves a small part of all the problems that exist in the field of web development. If you want to take a closer look, here is an interactive website that shows a lot of things to consider when working in this area: andreasbm/web-skills
My advice is don't get stuck with so much information, the sites will work anyway. Only if the expense is justified, it is always good to face all these things with a team and try to use already created tools that are kept up to date.


cushead © 2019 Lucas Vazquez. Released under the MIT License.

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