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A fast, typed, resizable, Cython array.

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cyarray: a typed, re-sizable Cython array

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The cyarray package provides a fast, typed, re-sizable, Cython array.

It currently provides the following arrays: IntArray, UIntArray, LongArray, FloatArray, DoubleArray.

All arrays provide for the following operations:

  • access by indexing.

  • access through get/set function.

  • resizing the array.

  • appending values at the end of the array.

  • reserving space for future appends.

  • access to internal data through a numpy array.

If you are writing Cython code this is a convenient array to use as it exposes the raw underlying pointer to the data. For example if you use a FloatArray and access its data attribute it will be a float*.

Each array also provides an interface to its data through a numpy array. This is done through the get_npy_array function. The returned numpy array can be used just like any other numpy array but for the following restrictions:

  • the array may not be resized.

  • references of this array should not be kept.

  • slices of this array may not be made.

The numpy array may however be copied and used in any manner.


cyarray can be installed using pip:

$ pip install cyarray

The package requires Cython, numpy, and mako to be installed and also requires a suitably configured C/C++ compiler.


In Python one may import and use the package as:

from cyarray.api import IntArray
a = IntArray(10)

Here a is an array of 10 integers.

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