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A Python software build management tool inspired by Maven

Project description

A Python software build management tool inspired by Maven.


After installing cycle via pip or rpm, just generate your first simple project calling:

cycle prototype generate mynewproject [-p prototype]


Cycle is small prototype of a build tool inspired by Apache Maven. On the long term, it should provide some of the features Maven provides, such as

  • a predefined, but flexible to customize lifecycle for projects

  • a flexible integration of additional commands

  • integrations to pypi, github and other remote services

  • and a bunch of prototypes (maven archetypes) with good common used conventions

Why I started the project?

I’m a sysadmin and developers for a while working with several languages and tools. For some languages there a powerful tools and guidelines how to develop, for other languages a developer has to review a bunch of projects to analyze the common practices.

For almost all software projects a basic software lifecylce is identical as you can review for yourself looking at the Maven documentation, eg.

  • generate a project from a skeleton/template

  • generate additional config files (special environments, test-tools config, …)

  • registering/setup remote resource (pypi, scm repo, …)

  • develop and test (best in the way of feature branches)

  • write/generate documentation

  • release (source, binary, distro formats)

Sometimes this seems a bit far away from DRY?

Why not just using Maven?

Good question! Maybe the best answer is: Maven is too powerful and a too huge step for many developers. At least working/customizing the pom.xml files seems to be a too horrible thing for many.

So I try to develop this small Maven inspired tool as a lightweight tools for Python and other languages. Let’s look what it becomes :-)

Contributions are welcome.


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