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Transfer data from Google Cloud Datastore to Google Cloud Storage.

Project description

Transfers data from Google Cloud Datastore to Google Cloud Storage. Intended to be used from Google App Engine.


>>> import datastore_to_gcs
>>> from google.appengine.ext import ndb
>>> class Foo(datastore_to_gcs.BaseModel):
...     email = ndb.StringProperty()
>>> f = Foo(email='')
>>> f.put()
Key('Foo', 1)
>>> datastore_to_gcs.update(Foo, 'bucket-name', 'foo.json')
>>> f2 = Foo(email='')
>>> f2.put()
Key('Foo', 2)
>>> import datastore_to_gcs.cloud_storage as gcs
>>> gcs.download_object('bucket-name', 'foo.json')
[{u'last_modified': u'2017-06-19T18:02:01.332908', u'email': u'', u'id': 1}]
>>> datastore_to_gcs.update(Foo, 'bucket-name', 'foo.json')
>>> gcs.download_object('bucket-name', 'foo.json')
[{u'last_modified': u'2017-06-19T18:02:01.332908', u'email': u'', u'id': 1}, {u'last_modified': u'2017-06-19T18:03:09.342067', u'email': u'', u'id': 2}]
>>> class Message(datastore_to_gcs.BaseModel):
...     text = ndb.StringProperty()
>>> m1 = Message(text='hello 1')
>>> m1.put()
Key('Message', 3)
>>> datastore_to_gcs.dump_log(Message, 'bucket-name', 'messages/')
>>> m2 = Message(text='hello 2')
>>> m2.put()
Key('Message', 4)
>>> m3 = Message(text='hello 3')
>>> m3.put()
Key('Message', 5)
>>> datastore_to_gcs.dump_log(Message, 'bucket-name', 'messages/')
>>> gcs.download_object('bucket-name', 'messages/2017-06-19T18:05:07.json')
[{u'text': u'hello 1', u'last_modified': u'2017-06-19T18:04:33.558426', u'id': 3}]
>>> gcs.download_object('bucket-name', 'messages/2017-06-19T18:06:02.json')
[{u'text': u'hello 2', u'last_modified': u'2017-06-19T18:05:35.084417', u'id': 4}, {u'text': u'hello 3', u'last_modified': u'2017-06-19T18:05:50.859952', u'id': 5}]


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About Socos

Socos LLC is the company behind Muse.

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