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object mapper for datastore

Project description

# datastore.objects

[datastore.objects]( is a simple object mapper on top of [datastore]( (not relational). Thanks to datastore’s versatility, it makes it easy to (serialize and) persist custom classes to any sort of data storage service.

Notice: please familiarize yourself with datastore first.

## Install

pip install datastore.objects

## Interface

### Key

datastore.objects uses the default datastore.Key, making significant use of the type and instance fragments.

`python >>> from datastore.objects import Key, Model >>> class Scientist(Model): >>>   pass >>> Scientist.key Key('/Scientist') >>> Scientist('Tesla').key Key('/Scientist:Tesla') `

### Model

datastore.objects provides a class that you inherit from to define your models. datastore.objects.Model handles the datastore serializing and deserializing, attribute validation, etc.

`python >>> from datastore.objects import Model >>> class Scientist(Model): >>>   pass `

### Attribute

datastore.objects uses descriptor Attributes to track the properties you wish to store. This is heavily based on how other python ORMs (django, app engine) do it. In short, you define model attributes like this:

`python >>> from datastore.objects import Attribute, Model >>> class Scientist(Model): >>>   name = Attribute(required=True) >>>   field = Attribute(default='Physics') >>> tesla = Scientist('Tesla') >>> = 'Nicola Tesla' >>> tesla.field 'Physics' >>> tesla.field = 'Electrical Engineering' >>> {'name': 'Nicola Tesla', 'field': 'Electrical Engineering'} `

### ObjectDatastore

datastore.objects provides a ShimDatastore that wraps any other datastore. Thus you can use any of the various datastores to persist your objects. ObjectDatastore makes sure to serialize (on put) and deserialize (on get) data properly, and construct your classes.

`python >>> import datastore >>> from datastore.objects import Attribute, Model, ObjectDatastore >>> >>> class Scientist(Model): >>>   name = Attribute(required=True) >>>   field = Attribute(default='Physics') >>> >>> tesla = Scientist('Tesla') >>> = 'Tesla' >>> tesla.field = 'Electrical Engineering' >>> >>> dds = datastore.DictDatastore() >>> ods = ObjectDatastore(dds, model=Scientist) >>> ods.put(tesla.key, tesla) >>> dds.get(tesla.key) {'name': 'Tesla', 'field': 'Electrical Engineering'} >>> ods.get(tesla.key) <Model /Scientist:Tesla> `

## About

#### Author

datastore.objects is written by [Juan Batiz-Benet](, of [Athena](

#### License

It is free open-source software, available under the MIT License.

#### Contact

Project webpage: Issues:

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