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Telegram bot API mirroring class, featuring dataset-powered SQLite databases.

Project description


This project conveniently mirrors the Telegram bot API with the class Bot.

Please note that Python3.5+ is needed to run async code.

Check requirements.txt for third party dependencies.

Check out help(Bot) for detailed information.

Project folders

davtelepot/data folder

  • contains configuration settings (e.g. certificate path, local_host, port etc.)
  • contains secret information to be git-ignored (e.g. bot tokens)
  • *.db files are SQLite databases used by bots
  • *.log: log files (store log_file_name and errors_file_name in data/ module)

examples folder

This folder contains full-commented and ready-to-run examples for simple Telegram bots.


import sys

from import Bot

from data.passwords import my_token, my_other_token

long_polling_bot = Bot(token=my_token, database_url='my_db')
webhook_bot = Bot(token=my_other_token, hostname='',

async def foo_command(bot, update, user_record):
    return "Bar!"

async def bar_command(bot, update, user_record):
    return "Foo!"

exit_state =

Check out help(Bot) for detailed information.

Webhook additional information

To run a bot in webhook modality, you have to provide a hostname and certificate at bot instantiation and a local_host and port when calling method.

  • Telegram will send POST requests at https://{hostname}/webhook/{tokens}/ using certificate for encryption
  • aiohttp.web.Application server will listen on http://{local_host}:{port} for updates

It is therefore required a reverse proxy passing incoming requests to local_host.

Example of nginx reverse proxy serving this purpose

server {
  listen 8553 ssl;
  listen [::]:8553 ssl;


  location /telegram/ {

  ssl_certificate /path/to/fullchain.pem;
  ssl_certificate_key /path/to/privkey.pem;

Example of python configuration file in this situation

# File data/, gitignored and imported in main script
hostname = ""
certificate = "/path/to/fullchain.pem"
local_host = ""
port = 8552

# Main script
from data.config import hostname, certificate, local_host, port
from data.passwords import bot_token
from import Bot

my_bot = Bot(

# ...

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