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Official vertica adapter plugin for dbt (data build tool)

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dbt adapter for Vertica. The adapter uses vertica-python to connect to your Vertica database.

For more information on using dbt with Vertica, consult the Vertica-Setup and Configuration pages.

dbt-vertica Versions Tested

dbt-vertica has been developed using the following software and versions:

  • Vertica Server 23.4.0-0
  • Python 3.11
  • vertica-python client 1.3.1
  • dbt-core 1.6.0
  • dbt-tests-adapter 1.6.0

Supported Features

dbt Core Features

Below is a table for what features the current Vertica adapter supports for dbt. This is constantly improving and changing as both dbt adds new functionality, as well as the dbt-vertica driver improves. This list is based upon dbt 1.3.0

dbt Core Features Supported
Table Materializations Yes
Ephemeral Materializations Yes
View Materializations Yes
Incremental Materializations - Append Yes
Incremental Materailizations - Merge Yes
Incremental Materializations - Delete+Insert Yes
Incremental Materializations - Insert_Overwrite Yes
Snapshots - Timestamp Yes
Snapshots - Check Cols No
Seeds Yes
Tests Yes
Documentation Yes
External Tables Untested
  • Yes - Supported, and tests pass.
  • No - Not supported or implemented.
  • Untested - May support out of the box, though hasn't been tested.
  • Passes Test - The tests have passed, though haven't tested in a production like environment.


$ pip install dbt-vertica

You don't need to install dbt separately. Installing dbt-vertica will also install dbt-core and vertica-python.

Sample Profile Configuration

      type: vertica # Don't change this!
      host: [hostname]
      port: [port] # or your custom port (optional)
      username: [your username] 
      password: [your password] 
      database: [database name] 
      oauth_access_token: [access token]
      schema: [dbt schema] 
      connection_load_balance: True
      backup_server_node: [list of backup hostnames or IPs]
      retries: [1 or more]
      threads: [1 or more] 
  target: dev

Description of Profile Fields:

Property Description Required? Default Value Example
type The specific adapter to use. Yes None vertica
host The host name or IP address of any active node in the Vertica Server. Yes None
port The port to use, default or custom. Yes 5433 5433
username The username to use to connect to the server. Yes None dbadmin
password The password to use for authenticating to the server. Yes None my_password
database The name of the database running on the server. Yes None my_db
oauth_access_token To authenticate via OAuth, provide an OAuth Access Token that authorizes a user to the database. No "" Default: ""
schema The schema to build models into. No None VMart
connection_load_balance A Boolean value that indicates whether the connection can be redirected to a host in the database other than host. No true true
backup_server_node List of hosts to connect to if the primary host specified in the connection (host, port) is unreachable. Each item in the list should be either a host string (using default port 5433) or a (host, port) tuple. A host can be a host name or an IP address. No none ['','',('',5433)]
retries The retry times after an unsuccessful connection. No 2 3
threads The number of threads the dbt project will run on. No 1 3
label A session label to identify the connection. No An auto-generated label with format of: dbt_username dbt_dbadmin

For more information on Vertica’s connection properties please refer to Vertica-Python Connection Properties.


See the changelog

Contributing guidelines

Have a bug or an idea? Please see for details


Run a local Vertica instance like:

docker run -p 5433:5433 \
           -p 5444:5444 \
           -e VERTICA_DB_NAME=docker \
           -e VMART_ETL_SCRIPT="" \
           -e VMART_ETL_SQL="" \

Access the local Vertica instance like:

docker exec -it <docker_image_name> /opt/vertica/bin/vsql

You need the pytest dbt adapter:

pip3 install  dbt-tests-adapter==1.5.0

Run tests via:

pytest tests/functional/adapter/
# run an individual test 
pytest tests/functional/adapter/

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dbt_vertica-1.7.3-py3-none-any.whl (46.3 kB view hashes)

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