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Scipy-based Delay Differential Equations solver

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Scipy-based delay differential equation (DDE) solver. See the docstrings and examples for more infos.


from pylab import cos, linspace, subplots
from ddeint import ddeint

def model(Y, t):
    return -Y(t - 3 * cos(Y(t)) ** 2)

def values_before_zero(t):
    return 1

tt = linspace(0, 30, 2000)
yy = ddeint(model, values_before_zero, tt)

fig, ax = subplots(1, figsize=(4, 4))
ax.plot(tt, yy)


from pylab import array, linspace, subplots
from ddeint import ddeint

def model(Y, t, d):
    x, y = Y(t)
    xd, yd = Y(t - d)
    return array([0.5 * x * (1 - yd), -0.5 * y * (1 - xd)])

g = lambda t: array([1, 2])
tt = linspace(2, 30, 20000)

fig, ax = subplots(1, figsize=(4, 4))

for d in [0, 0.2]:
    print("Computing for d=%.02f" % d)
    yy = ddeint(model, g, tt, fargs=(d,))
    ax.plot(yy[:, 0], yy[:, 1], lw=2, label="delay = %.01f" % d)




Public domain. Everyone is welcome to contribute !


ddeint can be installed by unzipping the source code in one directory and using this command: ::

(sudo) python install

You can also install it directly from the Python Package Index with this command: ::

(sudo) pip install ddeint

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