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Pattern-matching based WSGI-compliant URL routing tool

Project description

Decorator style and pattern-matching based url routing library. No framework! Very compact. Core logic less 100 lines of code. WSGI compliant. No additional API required.

Complete example

import decoroute

app = decoroute.App(prefix='')

# pure WSGI
def wsgi_app(environ, start_response):
    start_response('200 OK', [('Content-Type', 'text/plain')])
    return environ['wsgiorg.routing_args']

# pass variables into **kw
def render_response(status = '200 OK', content_type = 'text/plain', add_headers = [], **context):
    return status, [('Content-Type', content_type)] + add_headers, context

@app.expose('/node', id = '1')
def node(env, id):
    return render_response(id = id)

def url_for(env):
    return render_response(url = app.url_for(node, id = 666))

def not_found(env):
    raise decoroute.NotFound()

def not_found_handler(env):
    return render_response(status = '404 NF', **env)

def render(env, (status, headers, context)):
    context['site_uri'] = '%s://%s' % (env['wsgi.url_scheme'], env['HTTP_HOST'])
    return status, headers, ['%s=%s\n' %(k, context[k]) for k in context.keys()] # fake templating

from wsgiref.simple_server import make_server

make_server('', 6666, app).serve_forever()


If you place your views (Django term. in ror - controller) in another modules, organize code like werkzeug.


import decoroute
app = decoroute.App()
# and anoter

from utils import *

def render(env, ...)
    # returns of your endpoints pass to render handler
    # in render use your prefered template engine and return triple
    # status, generator of response headers, generator of response body
    # ( generator / iterator / list - any )
    # if you use default render endpoints must be return triple

    # no route enpoint
    # it also pass to render handler

@app.expose('/node', id = '1')
def node(env, id):
    # endpoint passed some variables
    # env is a wsgi environ
    # id = '1' default value of parameter
    #   all parameters must be <type 'str'>
    # <id:\d+> parameter pattern;
    #   \d+ specify regexp constraint of parameter (required)
# - main module

from utils import app
import view # and all other

if __name__ == '__main__':
    # serve app here

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