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a tool to diff dict list set data

Project description

a tool to diff dict list set data output like the npm package deep_diff


pip install deep_diff
from deep_diff import diff
[ { kind: 'E',
    path: [ 'name' ],
    lhs: 'my object',
    rhs: 'updated object' },
  { kind: 'E',
    path: [ 'details', 'with', 2 ],
    lhs: 'elements',
    rhs: 'more' },
  { kind: 'A',
    path: [ 'details', 'with' ],
    index: 3,
    item: { kind: 'N', rhs: 'elements' } },
  { kind: 'A',
    path: [ 'details', 'with' ],
    index: 4,
    item: { kind: 'N', rhs: { than: 'before' } } } ]


Differences are reported as one or more change records. Change records have the following structure:

  • kind - indicates the kind of change; will be one of the following:
    • N - indicates a newly added property/element
    • D - indicates a property/element was deleted
    • E - indicates a property/element was edited
    • A - indicates a change occurred within an array
  • path - the property path (from the left-hand-side root)
  • lhs - the value on the left-hand-side of the comparison (undefined if kind == 'N')
  • rhs - the value on the right-hand-side of the comparison (undefined if kind == 'D')
  • index - when kind == 'A', indicates the array index where the change occurred
  • item - when kind == 'A', contains a nested change record indicating the change that occurred at the array index

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