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Manage virtual environments

Project description

Dephell VEnvs

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Manage Python virtual environments.


Install from PyPI:

python3 -m pip install --user dephell_venvs

Get venv from manager

from pathlib import Path
from dephell_venvs import VEnv, VEnvs

# pass here path with substitutions:
venvs = VEnvs(path=Path() / '{project}-{digest}' / '{env}')

VEnvs gets argument path that is path to the virtual environment with substitutions:

  • {project} - last part of the path to the project.
  • {digest} - short hash of full path to the project to avoid collisions.
  • {env} - name of sub-environment because most of project need more than one environment. For example, tests, docs, tests-py35.

Ways to get VEnv object from VEnvs:

  • venvs.get(project_path, env). Pass here path to the project and sub-environment name and DepHell will substitute them is the path template and return VEnv instance for this path.
  • venvs.get_by_name(name). Pass only name and this will be substituted as {project} and other substitutions ({digest}, {env}) will be just dropped out.
  • venvs.current -- returns current active venv if some venv is active.


venv = venvs.get(project_path=Path('dephell_venvs'), env='pytest')
# VEnv(path=PosixPath('dephell_venvs/pytest'), project='dephell_venvs', env='pytest')

Manage venv

VEnv can be got from VEnvs ot created manually:

venv = VEnv(path=Path('venv'))

Check existence:

# False

Create and destroy:


Some other useful information:

# PosixPath('dephell_venvs-njyT/pytest/bin')
# PosixPath('dephell_venvs-njyT/pytest/lib/python3.7/site-packages')
# PosixPath('dephell_venvs-njyT/pytest/bin/python3.7')

# 'dephell_venvs/pytest'

# Python(path=PosixPath('dephell_venvs-njyT/pytest/bin/python3.7'), version='3.7.0', implementation='python', abstract=False)

For details about Python object see dephell_pythons.

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