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Define local roles settings by dexterity type

Project description


Allow to define local roles settings by dexterity type.

A new configuration page is added as a new tab on a dexterity type configuration.

A configuration line has the following fields:

  • the state

  • the principal

  • the roles

  • an optional configuration as string, but evaluated as a dict: {‘utility name’: [roles]}. The utility implements ILocalRolesRelatedSearchUtility and get related objects.

You can then define for each state which principal will receive some local roles automatically on the content, and other local roles on related content.

By example:

  • on the “pending” state, the “stephen” user will receive the following role: Reviewer.

  • on the “published” state, the “editors” group will receive the following roles: Editor, Reviewer.

The utility “dexterity.localroles.related_parent” get the object parent and can be used to give local roles on the content parent.

  • on the “pending” state, the “stephen” user will receive on the content parent the role: Reviewer.

Those automaticaly given roles cannot be manually removed by the “sharing” tab (read only, as inherited roles).

This package is a base for dexterity.localrolesfield that adds a field to define the principal.


  • Add dexterity.localroles to your eggs.

  • Re-run buildout.

  • Done.


Have an idea? Found a bug? Let us know by opening a ticket.


This package is tested using Travis CI. The current status of the add-on is :


  • IMIO, Original Author


1.6 (2022-07-01)

  • Added ‘rel’ (related) handling in utils.update_roles_in_fti [sgeulette]

  • Added ‘rem’ action in utils.update_roles_in_fti [sgeulette]

  • Added ‘portal_type’ parameter in utils.fti_configuration [sgeulette]

1.5 (2021-08-27)

  • Added update_roles_in_fti method to update local roles in a config. [sgeulette]

  • Added update_security_index method to update security index [sgeulette]

1.4 (2019-06-23)

  • Safe dict key access [sgeulette]

  • Added css id in configuration form. [sgeulette]

1.3 (2018-11-06)

  • Use safely state title in unicode. [sgeulette]

1.2 (2017-05-30)

  • Refactored utils method [sgeulette]

  • Added method to delete related uid annotation. [sgeulette]

1.1 (2016-04-18)

  • Useless subscriber removed. [sgeulette]

1.0 (2015-11-24)

  • Use only local roles in vocabulary. [sgeulette]

  • Store all configuration in one fti attribute ‘localroles’. Useful for dexterity.localrolesfield to avoid a field name is an existing attribute [sgeulette]

  • Add a related field to store a text configuration that will be used to set related objects local roles. [sgeulette]

  • Add related search utility [sgeulette]

  • Change related local roles on transition, on addition, on removal, on moving, on configuration changes [sgeulette]

  • Add an adapter for related local roles [sgeulette]

  • Simplify code [sgeulette]

0.2 (2015-06-02)

  • Avoid exception on site deletion [sgeulette]

0.1 (2014-10-24)

  • Various improvements [mpeeters, sgeulette]

  • Added tests [sgeulette]

  • Some improvements [sgeulette]

  • Add validation on configuration view [mpeeters]

  • Add localroles configuration view [mpeeters]

  • Add an adapter for borg.localrole [mpeeters]

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