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Decentralized Instant Messaging Protocol

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Decentralized Instant Messaging Protocol (Python)

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pip3 install dimp

Common Extensions

class Facebook(Barrack):
    """ Access database to load/save user's private key, meta and profiles """

    def save_private_key(self, private_key: PrivateKey, identifier: ID) -> bool:
        # TODO: save private key into safety storage

    def save_meta(self, meta: Meta, identifier: ID) -> bool:
        if not meta.match_identifier(identifier):
            return False
        # TODO: save meta to local/persistent storage

    def save_profile(self, profile: Profile) -> bool:
        if not self.verify_profile(profile):
            return False
        # TODO: save to local storage

    def verify_profile(self, profile: Profile) -> bool:
        if profile is None:
            return False
        elif profile.valid:
            # already verified
            return True
        identifier = profile.identifier
        meta = None
        if identifier.is_user:
            # verify with user's meta.key
            meta = self.meta(identifier=identifier)
        elif identifier.is_group:
            # verify with group owner's meta.key
            group =
            if group is not None:
                meta = self.meta(identifier=group.owner)
        if meta is not None:
            return profile.verify(public_key=meta.key)

    #   Barrack
    def create_user(self, identifier: ID) -> User:
        assert identifier.is_user, 'user ID error: %s' % identifier
        if identifier.is_broadcast:
            # create user 'anyone@anywhere'
            return User(identifier=identifier)
        assert self.meta(identifier) is not None, 'failed to get meta for user: %s' % identifier
        # TODO: check user type
        u_type = identifier.type
        if u_type == NetworkID.Main or u_type == NetworkID.BTCMain:
            return User(identifier=identifier)
        if u_type == NetworkID.Robot:
            return Robot(identifier=identifier)
        if u_type == NetworkID.Station:
            return Station(identifier=identifier)
        raise TypeError('unsupported user type: %s' % u_type)

    def create_group(self, identifier: ID) -> Group:
        assert identifier.is_group, 'group ID error: %s' % identifier
        if identifier.is_broadcast:
            # create group 'everyone@everywhere'
            return Group(identifier=identifier)
        assert self.meta(identifier) is not None, 'failed to get meta for group: %s' % identifier
        # TODO: check group type
        g_type = identifier.type
        if g_type == NetworkID.Polylogue:
            return Polylogue(identifier=identifier)
        if g_type == NetworkID.Chatroom:
            raise NotImplementedError('Chatroom not implemented')
        if g_type == NetworkID.Provider:
            return ServiceProvider(identifier=identifier)
        raise TypeError('unsupported group type: %s' % g_type)

#  global
facebook = Facebook()

class KeyStore(KeyCache):
    """ For reuse symmetric key """

    def save_keys(self, key_map: dict) -> bool:
        # TODO: save to local cache

    def load_keys(self) -> dict:
        # TODO: load from local cache

#  global
keystore = KeyStore()

class Messenger(Transceiver, ConnectionDelegate):
    """ Transform and send/receive message """

    def __init__(self):
        # self.barrack = facebook
        # self.key_cache = keystore
        self.delegate: MessengerDelegate = None

    def encrypt_content(self, content: Content, key: dict, msg: InstantMessage) -> bytes:
        password = SymmetricKey(key=key)
        assert password == key, 'irregular symmetric key: %s' % key
        # check attachment for File/Image/Audio/Video message content before
        if isinstance(content, FileContent):
            data = password.encrypt(
            # upload (encrypted) file data onto CDN and save the URL in message content
            url = self.delegate.upload_data(data=data, msg=msg)
            if url is not None:
                content.url = url
       = None
        return super().encrypt_content(content=content, key=password, msg=msg)

    def decrypt_content(self, data: bytes, key: dict, msg: SecureMessage) -> Optional[Content]:
        password = SymmetricKey(key=key)
        content = super().decrypt_content(data=data, key=password, msg=msg)
        if content is None:
            return None
        # check attachment for File/Image/Audio/Video message content after
        if isinstance(content, FileContent):
            i_msg =, envelope=msg.envelope)
            # download from CDN
            file_data = self.delegate.download_data(content.url, i_msg)
            if file_data is None:
                # save symmetric key for decrypted file data after download from CDN
                content.password = password
                # decrypt file data
       = password.decrypt(data=file_data)
                assert is not None, 'failed to decrypt file data with key: %s' % key
                content.url = None
        return content

    #   Send message
    def send_message(self, msg: InstantMessage, callback: Callback=None, split: bool=True) -> bool:
        Send instant message (encrypt and sign) onto DIM network

        :param msg:      instant message
        :param callback: callback function
        :param split:    if it's a group message, split it before sending out
        :return:         False on data/delegate error
        # Send message (secured + certified) to target station
        s_msg = self.encrypt_message(msg=msg)
        r_msg = self.sign_message(msg=s_msg)
        receiver = self.facebook.identifier(msg.envelope.receiver)
        ok = True
        if split and receiver.is_group:
            # split for each members
            members = self.facebook.members(identifier=receiver)
            if members is None or len(members) == 0:
                # FIXME: query group members from sender
                messages = None
                messages = r_msg.split(members=members)
            if messages is None:
                # failed to split msg, send it to group
                ok = self.__send_message(msg=r_msg, callback=callback)
                # sending group message one by one
                for r_msg in messages:
                    if not self.__send_message(msg=r_msg, callback=callback):
                        ok = False
            ok = self.__send_message(msg=r_msg, callback=callback)
        # TODO: if OK, set iMsg.state = sending; else set iMsg.state = waiting
        return ok

    def __send_message(self, msg: ReliableMessage, callback: Callback) -> bool:
        data = self.serialize_message(msg=msg)
        handler = MessageCallback(msg=msg, cb=callback)
        return self.delegate.send_package(data=data, handler=handler)

    #   ConnectionDelegate
    def received_package(self, data: bytes) -> Optional[bytes]:
        Processing received message package

        :param data: message data
        :return: response message data
        # 1. deserialize message
        r_msg = self.deserialize_message(data=data)
        # 2. process message
        response = self.process_message(msg=r_msg)
        if response is None:
            # nothing to response
            return None
        # 3. pack response
        user = self.facebook.current_user
        assert user is not None, 'failed to get current user'
        sender = self.facebook.identifier(r_msg.envelope.sender)
        i_msg =, sender=user.identifier, receiver=sender)
        s_msg = self.encrypt_message(msg=i_msg)
        msg_r = self.sign_message(msg=s_msg)
        assert msg_r is not None, 'failed to response: %s' % i_msg
        # serialize message
        return self.serialize_message(msg=msg_r)

    def process_message(self, msg: ReliableMessage) -> Optional[Content]:
        # TODO: try to verify/decrypt message and process it

#  global
messenger = Messenger()
messenger.barrack = facebook
messenger.key_cache = keystore

User Account

def register(username: str) -> User:
    # 1. generate private key
    sk = PrivateKey({'algorithm': 'RSA'})

    # 2. generate meta with username(as seed) and private key
    meta = Meta.generate(private_key=sk, seed=username)

    # 3. generate ID with network type by meta
    identifier = meta.generate_identifier(network=network)

    # 4. save private key and meta info
    facebook.save_private_key(private_key=sk, identifier=identifier)
    facebook.save_meta(meta=meta, identifier=identifier)

    # 5. create user with ID
    return facebook.user(identifier)


def pack(content: Content, sender: ID, receiver: ID) -> ReliableMessage:
    # 1. create InstantMessage
    i_msg =, sender=sender, receiver=receiver)
    # 2. encrypt 'content' to 'data' for receiver
    s_msg = messenger.encrypt_message(msg=i_msg)
    # 3. sign 'data' by sender
    r_msg = messenger.sign_message(msg= s_msg)
    # OK
    return r_msg

def send(content: Content, sender: ID, receiver: ID) -> bool:
    # 1. pack message
    r_msg = pack(content=content, sender=sender, receiver=receiver)
    # 2. callback handler
    callback = None
    # 3. encode and send out
    return messenger.send_message(msg=r_msg, callback=callback)

if __name__ == '__main__':
    moki = facebook.identifier('moki@4WDfe3zZ4T7opFSi3iDAKiuTnUHjxmXekk')
    hulk = facebook.identifier('hulk@4YeVEN3aUnvC1DNUufCq1bs9zoBSJTzVEj')
    # Say Hi
    text='Hello world!'
    content =
    send(content=content, sender=moki, receiver=hulk)

def unpack(msg: ReliableMessage) -> Content:
    # 1. verify 'data' with 'signature'
    s_msg = messenger.verify_message(msg=msg)
    # 2. check group message
    receiver = facebook.identifier(msg.envelope.receiver)
    if receiver.is_group:
        # TODO: split it
    # 3. decrypt 'data' to 'content'
    i_msg = messenger.decrypt_message(msg=s_msg)
    # OK
    return i_msg.content

#   StationDelegate
def receive_package(data: bytes, station: Station):
    # 1. decode messsage package
    r_msg = messenger.deserialize_message(data=data)
    # 2. verify and decrypt message
    content = unpack(msg=r_msg)
    # TODO: process message content

Copyright © 2019 Albert Moky

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