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A revision control independent dependency and sub-repository management package.

Project description

Dipr (Dipper)

Dipr is a repository management tool meant to provide a revision control independent way of managing dependencies and sub-repositories. It is modeled strongly after guestrepo with numerous improvements to support multiple revision control systems and additional functionality.


A read-only repository that may be pulled and set to a specific revision but should not be modified as part of the root repo's code base.


A living part of the root repository and may change along with the contents of the root repository. Sub-repositories may be operated on using the bulk revision control commands below.


Supported OS:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • OSX

It has not been tested extensively across multiple revisions of these operating systems.


  • Python >= 3.7
  • gitpython >= 2.1
  • ruamel-yaml >= 0.15
  • git >= 2.0
  • hg >= 4.0

Dipr is developed, tested, and built (pyinstaller) in a conda environment. See for details.


Dipr is MIT licensed. See the for details.

Credential Storage

Dipr assumes that credentials are cached as appropriate for the revision control systems that will be used. Dipr does no provide any way to specify or store credential information for the dependencies and sub-repositories. To setup safe credential caching read some of the following:

Git: Git Tools Credential Storage

Mercurial: Mercurial Keyring Extension

Implementation of the above may vary depending on platform (Windows, Linux, OSX). Be sure to read into the various options to make sure a secure one is chosen.


It is available via pip:

> pip install dipr

Or using the included

> python install



All the available commands are documented in the built in command line help system:

> dipr -h

Dipr may act upon directories other than the current one:

> dipr -p "/path/to/the repo" status

Dependency and Sub-Repository Management

Initialize the current folder or repo with the dipr YAML files:

> dipr init

Add some repo sources:

> dipr sources add hg HGDEP1
> dipr sources add git GITSUB1
> dipr depends add HGDEP1 Depends/HgDep1
> dipr subrepos add GITSUB1 SubRepos/GitSub1

Pull the repos into their folders:

> dipr pull

Update the repos to their specified revisions:

> dipr update

Check the status of the pulled repos:

> dipr status

Begin development!

Import Existing Dependencies or Sub-Repositories

Git submodules:

> dipr init
> dipr import submodules --clean
> dipr pull
> dipr update

Mercurial guestrepos:

> dipr init
> dipr import guestrepos --clean
> dipr pull
> dipr update

Revision Management

Bulk revision management is available for both dependencies and sub-repositories.

Freeze repos at their current revision:

> dipr depends freeze

Upgrade repos to their latest tags:

> dipr depends upgrade --check   
<... list of available upgrades ...>
> dipr depends upgrade
> dipr update

Unfreeze repos to their latest revisions in the default branch:

> dipr depends unfreeze
> dipr update

Set a repo to a specific revision:

> dipr depends rev --path Depends/HgDep1 --branch DevBranch
> dipr update

Revision Control Commands

Bulk revision control commands can be executed on the root repo (Where .dipr folder is located) and all sub-repositories.

Commit root repo and all sub-repositories (adding or removing files as necessary):

> dipr rcs commit -m "A commit message." --add-remove

Tag just the sub-repositories:

> dipr rcs tag "Release_V1.1.1" -m "A release tag" --exclude-root

Push root repo and all sub-repositories to their upstream:

> dipr rcs push

Discard changes in root repo and all sub-repositories:

> dipr rcs discard

Changes in the dependencies may be discarded as well:

> dipr rcs discard --only-depends

Dipr Data Storage

All data for dipr is stored in the .dipr directory initialized via the dipr init command. The data files are YAML formatted and documented with examples of how to add or modify entries manually.

Sample diprsrc.yaml:




Sample diprdep.yaml:

A repo that will update to a specified tag:

    TAG: Release_V1.0.3

A repo that will update to the tip of the default branch:


A repo that will update to the tip of DevelBranch:

    BRANCH: DevelBranch

A repo that will update to the specific revision hash:

    REVISION: 234d395

Project details

Download files

Download the file for your platform. If you're not sure which to choose, learn more about installing packages.

Source Distribution

dipr-1.0.dev12.tar.gz (55.0 kB view hashes)

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dipr-1.0.dev12-py3.7.egg (72.5 kB view hashes)

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