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Consistent Python interface to popular directions APIs

Project description

Provide a common Python API to major routing providers.
Please consult the terms of service of each provider before using them.
- Google -
- Mapquest - Contact for licensed data agreement
- Mapquest Open -
- Mapbox - (Directions API still in preview and subject to change)
- Mapzen -

Create one of the available routers and call the `route()` method.
>>> import directions
>>> mq = directions.Mapquest(key) # You must request a developer key from Mapquest
>>> routes = mq.route('1 magazine st. cambridge, ma', 'south station boston, ma')

See the help for `route()` for full documentation:
route(locations): points can be
- a sequence of locations
- a Shapely LineString
route(origin, destination, waypoints=None)
- origin and destination are a single destination
- waypoints are the points to be inserted between the
origin and destination

If waypoints is specified, destination must also be specified

Each location can be:
- string (will be geocoded by the routing provider. Not all
providers accept this as input)
- (longitude, latitude) sequence (tuple, list, numpy array, etc.)
- Shapely Point with x as longitude, y as latitude

Additional parameters
raw : bool, default False
Return the raw json dict response from the service

list of Route objects
If raw is True, returns the json dict instead of converting to Route

mq = directions.Mapquest(key)
routes = mq.route('1 magazine st. cambridge, ma',
'south station boston, ma')

routes = mq.route('1 magazine st. cambridge, ma',
'south station boston, ma',
waypoints=['700 commonwealth ave. boston, ma'])

Use the points in a `LineString` as the complete set of waypoints.
line = LineString(...)
routes = mq.route(line)

The different types of location inputs can be mixed.
routes = mq.route(line.coords[0], 'south station boston, ma',
waypoints=[(-71.103972, 42.349324)])

Other Tools
[]( can be used to quickly display the route on a map. Note that it is against Google's ToS to do this with any of their routes.
routes = mq.route(...)

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