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Project description


**dirshare** is a HTTP WSGI Python application to rapidly share images within
a specific root path, leverages thumbnail caching, instantaneous image
resizing, file meta data extraction and zip file creation.

The motivation to create this application is that occasionally I must browse a
large collection of photos, WITHOUT a dedicated server software, loading of
full sized images or modifying original files.

- Setuptools (for installing dirshare and its Python dependencies)
- (optional) Access to a mongo database server

**Note** Pillow library uses system libraries to decode specific type of files.
If you get "IOError: decoder XXX not available" while loading some images,
you're probably missing some libraries (ex. libjpeg).

From PyPI:
> pip install dirshare

> python install

Usage: dirshare [options]

-h, --help show this help message and exit
-r IMAGES_ROOT, --images-root=IMAGES_ROOT
Root directory to share (default: ".")
-s IMAGE_SIZES, --image-sizes=IMAGE_SIZES
Available sizes as a string (default: "128x128 600x600
1000x1000 full")
Resize encoder to use (default: "PNG")
Resize quality value to pass to encoder (default: 90)
-d DB_URI, --db-uri=DB_URI
DB uri (default: "mongodb://localhost:27017/dirshare")
-p HTTP_PORT, --http-port=HTTP_PORT
HTTP listen port (default: 6543)
-b HTTP_IP, --http-ip=HTTP_IP
HTTP bind ip (default: "")

dirshare -r /home/myuser -s "128x128 500x500 full" -d "sqlite://:memory:"

updated: _waitForThumbs timeout set to 50ms
updated: default view set to grid
new: image count badge added to breadcrumb
fixed: $scope.setSize was calling cacheSized instead of setImage
updated: when image is de/selected, page is scrolled to correct position
new: util function to rotate image from string data
updated: all watches removed from controller. Actions are now taken inside setter methods.
updated: added readyImage flag to check if selected image is preloaded
updated: listDir and image requests are now retried when fail
fixed: some buttons now Select are now available even if there are no images in current path
new: loading image for listDir request added
fixed: loading bar was showing wrong values; image cant be changed while previously is being loaded
updated: dont allow path changes when isLoading()
new: images service. image cache is now controlled in specific service. (code updated to use it)
updated: files_paths is now returned from list dir view.
updated: variables renamed to camelCase
updated: .basket is now a list of full_path's
updated: listdir returns 404 when unknown directory
updated: $scope.image is a string again, to obey single-source-of-truth ($scope.images)
updated: refreshImage() now loads cache when needed; fixed: nav_path doesnt add empty entry when / is last character; updated: buttonsare hidden when loading or no image in current path
updated: metadata is no longer created inside stream_image for performance; logging added
updated: metadata is only loaded when image is loaded;
updated: when page section is changed, deferred received images are discarded
updated: images are now structured in an JS object
new: preloading thums with progress bar
new: previous and next buttons for easy navigation
updated: $scope.image is an object now
updated: bool variables to control loading created.
updated: keypress event captured to handle left and right keys.
updated: split app.js into js files
updated: manage panel, nav pills used for directories again
new: polling routine
update: app.js: path variable doesnt allow '//' anymore (should fix Windows problems)

- mongodb is no longer mandatory. sqlite interface is available.
- new cli, without the need of ini files to start dirshare.
- new: data access interface class used for multiple dbs support
- new: sqlite data access implementation complete
- new: cli is now a module. New cli app with waitress http server, without pastedeploy ini
- updated: unit tests cover all data access methods, both mongodb and sqlite
- updated: variables renamed. They make more sense
- updated: added ensure_index to mongo DA setup()
- updated: config now uses db_uri instead of mongo db specific variables (preparation for sqlite integration)
- updated: utils.db removed. data access is centralized in IDirshareDataAccess implementations
- updated: thumbnails click area is corrected
- updated: better image file condition check
- updated: view flow is set in a LIFO stack ($scope.view_stack)
- updated: When there's no exif info for an image, don't resize image viewer ($scope.isEmptyExif())
- updated: selected thumbnails style is only applied in Select Mode.
- fixed: mongo da: save_metadata and save_resize were not updating correctly
- fixed: correct mimetype is returned in content-type http header for resizes
- fixed: correct content-disposition header for resizes
- fixed: javascript local function variables are marked local with 'var'
- fixed: When image is changed ($watch), $scope.refreshing is toggled until data is retrieved.

- Major change: The whole application is now a single page, built with AngularJS and Bootstrap framework.
- New: ETag header is now used. Performance is significantly improved.
- New: Two view modes. Grid: useful for desktops. Scroll: better display for mobile devices.
- New: Select mode: Add any image to the basket. At any time, go to the basket to view or export (zip) the whole selection.
- New: EXIF information is now read and saved, for each image file.
- New: Content-disposition http header is now used for zip and images.
- New: unit tests created.

- First public release

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