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Distributed Autotuning with PostgreSQL

Project description

For all of this, you’ll need authentication details for a PostgreSQL server, in a bunch of environment variables. Perhaps you might set those like this:

export TUNE_DBNAME=disttune
export TUNE_DBUSER=sampleuse
export TUNE_DBPASSWORD=Yeizah2u

Create jobs for an autotuning run:

python -m disttune enum exampletune.Run

The dotted name exampletune.Run is actually the name of the class that’s driving the run.

Actually run jobs:

python -m disttune run --stop -v --filter run_class=exampletune.Run "it_type~list"

The filter expression can be used to limit what jobs are run.

Run interactive Python shell with database connection:

python -m disttune console
>>> .q select * from run;

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