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Django Whisperer

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Whisperer informs subscribed users via an URL when a specific event occurs.


Installation using pip:

pip install dj-whisperer

whisperer package has to be added to INSTALLED_APPS and migrate command has to be run.

    # other apps here...

Sample Scenario

Let's give an example using Package model. When an event occurs related to a package, subscribed users are gonna be informed. To do so, firstly which events to subscribe must be determined. In order to learn when a package created:

from django.db.models.signals import post_save
from import WhispererEvent, registry
from whisperer.tasks import deliver_event

class PackageCreateEvent(WhispererEvent):
    serializer_class = PackageSerializer
    event_type = 'package-created'


def signal_receiver(instance, created=False, **kwargs):
    if created:
        deliver_event(instance, 'package-created')

post_save.connect(signal_receiver, Package)

When database transaction succeeds, in short when transaction.on_commit(), deliver_event must be triggered. Subscribed users now can be informed that a package created if they have created a Webhook.

import requests
        'Authorization': 'Token <secret-login-token>',
        'event_type': 'package-created',
        'secret_key': 'secret',
        'target_url': '',

When a package created, uuid, type & data passed through PackageSerializer will be posted to

import requests
        'Content-Type': 'application/json',
        'X-Whisperer-Event': 'package-created',
        'event': {
            'type': 'package-created',
            'uuid': 'da81e85139824c6187dd1e58a7d3f971',
        'data': {
            'id': 61,
            'transfer_id': 49,
            'order_number': '248398923123',
            '.....': '......',

In order to cancel the subscription:

import requests

        'Authorization': 'Token <secret-login-token>',

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