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Plugs 2gis maps for Django admin

Project description

Django 2GIS maps

django_2gis_maps is a simple application that provides the basic hooks into django_2gis_maps V2 api for use in Django models from Django version 1.11+.

Starting with django_2gis_maps version (0.7.0), Django 1.11+ is required because Django changed their widget template rendering system.

I'm using this to allow someone from the admin panels to type a freeform address, have the address geocoded on change and plotted on the map. If the location is not 100% correct, the user can drag the marker to the correct spot and the geo coordinates will update.

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  • pip install git+
  • pip install django_2gis_maps


  • include the django_2gis_maps app in your

  • create a model that has both an address field and geolocation field

    from django.db import models
    from django_2gis_maps import fields as map_fields
    from django_2gis_maps.mixins import DoubleGisMixin
    class Rental(DoubleGisMixin,models.Model):
        address = map_fields.AddressField(max_length=200)
        geolocation = map_fields.GeoLocationField()
  • in the include the following as a formfield_override

    from django.contrib import admin
    from django_2gis_maps.admin import DoubleGisAdmin
    class RentalAdmin(DoubleGisAdmin):
        multiple_markers = False        # Here is your option
  • in template include {% load doublegis %} and use {% render_map instanse %} wherever you need

That should be all you need to get started.

I also like to make the geolocation field readonly in the admin so a user (myself) doesn't accidentally change it to a nonsensical value. There is validation on the field so you can't enter an incorrect value, but you could enter something that is not even close to the address you intended.

When you're displaying the address back to the user, just request the map using the geocoordinates that were saved in your model. Maybe sometime when I get around to it I'll see if I can create a method that will build that into the model.

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