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A firefox-like about:config implementation for one-off settings in Django apps.

Project description

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A firefox-like about:config implementation for one-off settings in Django apps.

Compatible Python versions


Compatible Django versions

2.0 - 3.0


You can install aboutconfig either from source or via pip:

pip install django-aboutconfig

The only thing you need to do to configure it is add it to your INSTALLED_APPS like all other django applications:


Then just run migrate and you’re good to go.

Note: aboutconfig relies on having a good caching mechanism to be fast (all configured values are preloaded into cache on start-up). You should ideally have something like memcached configured to avoid slowdowns. See Django documentation for details.


By default, aboutconfig comes with four supported data-types: integer, boolean, string and decimal. All data types are configurable and you can add your own if necesessary.

To add some configuration values, head over to the django admin and add an instance of the Config model.

Having done this, you can access the configuration value via aboutconfig.get_config() in Python code or the get_config template filter (load config before using).

Python code:

from aboutconfig import get_config

def my_view(request):
    # some code...
    admin_email = get_config('')
    # some more code...

Template code:

{% load config %}

The website admin's email is {{ ''|get_config }}.

>>> An assignment tag also exists for convenience:

{% get_config '' as email %}
The website admin's email is <a href="mailto:{{ email }}">{{ email }}</a>.

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