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Django ActiveCollab application

Project description

Django application to integrate ActiveCollab issue reporting into Django based projects.

To use:

  1. pip install django-activecollab-digger

  2. add activecollab_digger to INSTALLED_APPS

  3. add url(r'^digger/', include('activecollab_digger.urls')) to

  4. add the settings:

    # ActiveCollab API URL
    AC_BASE_URL = ''
    AC_API_URL = AC_BASE_URL + '/api/v1/'
    # ActiveCollab API token
    AC_TOKEN = ''
    # ActiveCollab project ID
    # ActiveCollab user ID to create the issues
    AC_USER = 1
  5. in settings add the context processor activecollab_digger.context_processors.activecollab_digger to TEMPLATES['OPTIONS']['context_processors']


  • The application needs to be behind authentication, having a LOGIN_URL setting should be enough in cases where the django admin is enable

  • In Python version lower than 2.7.9 pip install may not install all the dependencies, this is due to an issue with setuptools. To work around it install/update the packages appdirs packaging setuptools six.

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