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A django application that add portlets in right sidebar at app level.

Project description


A django application that add portlets in right sidebar at app level.


pip install django-admin-app-sidebar




  • We used template override in django_admin_app_sidebar, so we MUST include django_admin_app_sidebar in INSTALLED_APPS.
  • The app django_static_fontawesome is optional choice. If you are using icon in sidebar portlet you may need it.
    'django_static_fontawesome', # Optional, and install by yourself



  • We are going to set an example portlet in AppConfig.ready
default_app_config = "django_admin_app_sidebar_example.apps.DjangoAdminAppSidebarExampleConfig"



  • By default, django_admin_app_sidebar provides an simple navigation portlet. Just init a navigation instance, and register it as a portlet.
  • Navigation item config
    • title: required. the navigation link title.
    • url: required. the navigation link url.
    • icon: optional. icon class just before link title.
    • target: optional. link target, target=_blank means open in new window or tab.
    • depth: optional. depth=2 will add 20px indent to the link item. And depth=3 will add 40px.
    • if item=="-", then display a seperator.
from django.apps import AppConfig
from django_admin_app_sidebar.portlets import register_portlet
from django_admin_app_sidebar.portlets import SidebarNavigation
from django.utils.translation import ugettext_lazy as _
from django.urls import reverse_lazy

class DjangoAdminAppSidebarExampleConfig(AppConfig):
    name = 'django_admin_app_sidebar_example'

    def ready(self):
        navigation = SidebarNavigation("Navigation", [{
            "title": "Home",
            "url": "/admin/",
            "icon": "fas fa-home",
            "title": "Example Index",
            "url": reverse_lazy("admin:app_list", kwargs={"app_label":}),
            "icon": "fas fa-building",
            "title": "Category Manager",
            "url": reverse_lazy("admin:{0}_{1}_changelist".format(, "category")),
            "icon": "fas fa-tree",
            "depth": 2,
            "title": "Book Manager",
            "url": reverse_lazy("admin:{0}_{1}_changelist".format(, "book")),
            "icon": "fas fa-file",
            "depth": 2,
        register_portlet(navigation,, extra_css=[

Exported APIs

  • django_admin_app_sidebar.portlets.Portlet

    It is a portlet base class. You can use any callable function instead of Portlet, simply take a context parameter and return rendered html string.

  • django_admin_app_sidebar.portlets.SidebarNavigation

    A simple navigation portlet.

  • django_admin_app_sidebar.portlets.register_portlet

    Register a portlet to the system.

Detail of django_admin_app_sidebar.portlets.register_portlet

def register_portlet(render, order=0, app_label=None, model_name=None,


  • render: required, it is a Portlet instance or a equivalent callable function.
  • order: portlet display order
  • app_label: in which application views the portlet will be displayed
    • if None, the portlet will be displayed in all application.
  • model_name: in which model related view the portlet will be diplayed
    • if None, the portlet will be displayed in all views of the application
  • show_in_app: default to True. show the portlet in all views under the application.
  • show_in_app_index: default to False. show the portlet in app index view. app_label is required.
  • show_in_model_site: default to False. show the portlet in all views related to the model
  • show_in_model_changelist: default to False. show the portlet in changelist view.
  • show_in_model_change: default to False. show the portlet in change view.
  • show_in_model_add: default to False. show the portlet in add view.
  • show_in_model_history: default to False. show the portlet in history view. Not implemented yet


v0.1.0 @todo

  • First release.

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