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Django application to upload and convert audio files (mp3, wav and ogg format)

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Description:Django Audio Management Tools
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Django-Audiofield is a simple app that allows Audio files upload, management and conversion to different audio format (mp3, wav & ogg), which also makes it easy to play audio files into your Django application.

We are using the HTML5 and Flash audio player SoundManager2


Install Django-Audiofield:

python install


Install dependencies on Debian:

apt-get -y install libsox-fmt-mp3 libsox-fmt-all mpg321 dir2ogg ffmpeg

Note: For Debian version 7 (Wheezy) and older, replace ffmpeg with libav-tools

Install dependencies on Redhat/CentOS:

yum -y install python-setuptools libsox-fmt-mp3 libsox-fmt-all mpg321 dir2ogg

Install avconv on Redhat/CentOS:

git clone git://
cd libav
sudo ./configure --disable-yasm
sudo make
sudo make install


in your file:

# Set Following variable

In MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES add 'audiofield.middleware.threadlocals.ThreadLocals'

In INSTALLED_APPS add 'audiofield'

# Frontend widget values
# 0-Keep original, 1-Mono, 2-Stereo

# 0-Keep original, 8000-8000Hz, 16000-16000Hz, 22050-22050Hz,
# 44100-44100Hz, 48000-48000Hz, 96000-96000Hz

# 0-Keep original, 1-Convert to MP3, 2-Convert to WAV, 3-Convert to OGG


Add the following lines in your file:

from django.conf import settings
from audiofield.fields import AudioField
import os.path

# Add the audio field to your model
audio_file = AudioField(upload_to='your/upload/dir', blank=True,
                        ext_whitelist=(".mp3", ".wav", ".ogg"),
                        help_text=("Allowed type - .mp3, .wav, .ogg"))

# Add this method to your model
def audio_file_player(self):
    """audio player tag for admin"""
    if self.audio_file:
        file_url = settings.MEDIA_URL + str(self.audio_file)
        player_string = '<audio src="%s" controls>Your browser does not support the audio element.</audio>' % (file_url)
        return player_string

audio_file_player.allow_tags = True
audio_file_player.short_description = ('Audio file player')

Add the following lines in your

from your_app.models import your_model_name

# add 'audio_file_player' tag to your admin view
list_display = (..., 'audio_file_player', ...)
actions = ['custom_delete_selected']

def custom_delete_selected(self, request, queryset):
    #custom delete code
    n = queryset.count()
    for i in queryset:
        if i.audio_file:
            if os.path.exists(i.audio_file.path):
    self.message_user(request, ("Successfully deleted %d audio files.") % n)
custom_delete_selected.short_description = "Delete selected items"

def get_actions(self, request):
    actions = super(AudioFileAdmin, self).get_actions(request)
    del actions['delete_selected']
    return actions

Then perform following commands to create the table and collect the static files:

./ syncdb
./ collectstatic

Create audiofield.log file:

touch /var/log/audio-field.log


If you’ve found a bug, implemented a feature or customized the template and think it is useful then please consider contributing. Patches, pull requests or just suggestions are welcome!

Source code:

Bug tracker:


Documentation is available on ‘Read the Docs’:


Django-audiofield is a Star2Billing-Sponsored Community Project, for more information visit or email us at


Django-Audiofield is licensed under MIT, see MIT-LICENSE.txt.


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