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Celery tracker for Django.

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This django extension is intended for existing celery projects that want better monitoring of what’s going on in their queue.


To use this with your project, you need to:

  1. Install django-celery-tracker:

$ pip install django-celery-tracker
  1. Add django_celery_tracker to INSTALLED_APPS in your Django settings file:

  1. Create the database tables by applying migrations:

$ python migrate django_celery_tracker
  1. You will now have a record of all future celery tasks and their progress which can be queried like so:

$ python console
>>> from django_celery_tracker.models import CeleryTask
>>> CeleryTask.objects.all()
<QuerySet [<CeleryTask: id=3d889396-daa2-4209-9348-9ec71bfb1262, name=api.taskapp.celery.debug_task>]


Optionally, you can include a dashboard view that can only be accessed by admin users. To add the dashboard to your project, simply add the following to your

urlpatterns = [
    path("celery-tracker/", include("django_celery_tracker.urls")),

You can now visit http://site_url/celery-tracker to view the status of your tasks!


The datastore for a celery message queue is usually in-memory and highly-optimized (eg redis or rabbitmq). This django extension creates a database entry for every celery task that is created. You may want to periodically delete older entries if storage is an obstacle.


switch to master branch:

  • Change package version in django_celery_tracker/ according to release changes (major|minor|patch).

  • Update - Rename [Unreleased] section to reflect new release version and release date, same format as for all previous releases - Create new [Unreleased] section on top of file, as it was previously - On the bottom of file, create comparison reference for current release changes:

# was

# became
# - "Unreleased" renamed to commit version
# - new "Unreleased" created, comparing last "0.4.0" commit with "HEAD"
  • Commit and django_celery_tracker/ with message :rocket: {version} (where version is your release version)

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