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A extended user profile for Django.

Project description

Django Classic User Accounts

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Latest Update

  • Unique mobile number feature added (Add CLASSIC_UNIQUE_MOBILE = True in your settings file).
  • New Matrix-Admin BT4 Theme added (Add THEME_NAME = 'matrix-admin-v2' in your settings file).


  • Login
  • Sing up
  • Email confirmation
  • Extended user model
  • Profile picture
  • Password reset
  • Account management (update account settings and change password)
  • Custom User model support


  • Django 2.0 +
  • Python 3.5, or 3.6

Quick installation

1. Add "ClassicUserAccounts" to your INSTALLED_APPS setting like this::


2. Add "AUTH_USER_MODEL" in your settings file like this::

	AUTH_USER_MODEL = 'ClassicUserAccounts.User'

3. Add "Middleware" to youe MIDDLEWARE settings like this::


4. Add "SITE_NAME" in your settings file like this::

    SITE_NAME = 'Your site name'

5. Add url in your project.urls file::

	urlpatterns = [
	    path('accounts/', include('ClassicUserAccounts.urls')),

6. Change Skin ::

    Avaliable Skins:: [

    You have to add "ROLE_BASED_SKIN" in your file like this::

        {'role': 'Admin', 'skin_name': 'skin-red'},
        {'role': 'Subscriber', 'skin_name': 'skin-purple'}

7. Multi theme feature added::

    Add THEME_NAME in your settings file to change theme
    THEME_NAME = 'default-theme'  Required
    USER_BASED_THEME = False # Default False
    Available themes : default-theme, theme-1, theme-2, theme-3

8. Password Reset templates added.

9. Run python migrate to extend django user model.

10. Start the development server and visit to manage user profile.

11. Available Themes.::


Base Template Setup

  1. Create site_base.html file in your project templates directory. site_base.html have below content.
{% extends request.THEME_NAME|add:'classic_site_base.html' %}
{% load static %}

{% block side_menu %}
`Place your Side menu here `

    <a href="{% url 'logout' %}">
        <i class="fa fa-lock"></i> <span>Logout</span>
        <span class="pull-right-container"></span>
{% endblock %}
  1. classic_site_base.html have these blocks where you can place html content.
{% block title %} {% endblock %} Which is placed inside the title tag.

{% block extra_style_block %}{% endblock %} Placed in bottom of </head> tag.

{% block extra_nav_item %} {% endblock %} Placed on the top right header nav.

{% block side_menu %} {% endblock %} Side navigation menu.

{% block content %} {% endblock %} Content block which placed in body tag.

{% block extra_script_block %} {% endblock %} Placed in the bottom of </body> tag.


Login Page N|Solid

Signup Page N|Solid

Reset Password Page N|Solid

Dashboard Page N|Solid

Django Admin Dashboard N|Solid

User model table view N|Solid

Django Model Edit View N|Solid

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