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A simple Django app that will give you a cleaned HTML field.

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django-cleanhtmlfield is a simple Django application (supporting Django 2.2, 3.1 and 3.2) that defines an HTMLField that automatically removes potentially malicious content. This app should work with Python 3.7+.

For instance, if you allow the user to freely input HTML Content, and the user decides to inject a JavaScript snippet:

<h1>Hello Friend</h1>
<script type="text/javascript">
<p>This is for you!</p>

HTMLField will filter this to

<h1>Hello Friend</h1>
<p>This is for you!</p>

Quick start

  1. Download and install using pip install from PyPi:
pip install django-cleanhtmlfield
  1. Create a field HTMLField(strip_unsafe=True) in your model:
from django.db import models
from django_cleanhtmlfield.fields import HTMLField

class MyModel(models.Model):
    some_content = HTMLField(strip_unsafe=True)
  1. Don't forget to create and run migrations for changes on Django models, e.g.:
python makemigrations
python migrate


For HTML content to be parsed and processed we depend on BeautifulSoup4 (this is installed as a dependency). As this is a Django app, it obviously requires Django (though we expect this to be already installed).

Optional: If you want a WYSIWYG Interface in your Admin Panel (or any other Django Form), you need the django-ckeditor package.

alt text

Field options

  • strip_unsafe (Default: False) needs to be set to True to enable stripping of unsafe HTML content
  • widget_form_class (Default: None) - allows overwriting the css form class for the widget (e.g., if you want to use django-ckeditor)

Configuration options

The following Django Settings are available (see below for a full example)

  • ACCEPTABLE_ELEMENTS - tuple that contains all allowed HTML tags (e.g., 'a', 'span', 'p', 'div', ...)
  • ACCEPTABLE_ATTRIBUTES - tuple that contains all allowed HTMl attributes (e.g., 'alt', 'style', 'target', 'title',...)
  • ACCEPTABLE_STYLES - tuple that contains all allowed CSS styles (e.g., 'background-color', 'border-color', 'font-size', ...)
  • REMOVE_WITH_CONTENT - tuple that contains potentially malicious HTML tags that will automatically be removed (e.g., 'script', 'object', ...)
  • PRESERVE_STYLES_WHITESPACE - optional boolean that can be used to preserve the whitespace within styles (e.g., 'padding: 9px;' stays 'padding: 9px;') - the default behaviour strips the whitespaces so (e.g., 'padding: 9px;' becomes 'padding:9px;')


    'a', 'abbr', 'acronym', 'address', 'area', 'aria-label', 'b', 'big',
    'blockquote', 'br', 'button', 'caption', 'center', 'cite', 'code', 'col',
    'colgroup', 'dd', 'del', 'dfn', 'dir', 'div', 'dl', 'dt', 'em',
    'font', 'h1', 'h2', 'h3', 'h4', 'h5', 'h6', 'hr', 'i', 'img',
    'ins', 'kbd', 'label', 'legend', 'li', 'map', 'menu', 'ol',
    'p', 'pre', 'q', 's', 'samp', 'small', 'span', 'strike',
    'strong', 'sub', 'sup', 'table', 'tbody', 'td', 'tfoot', 'th',
    'thead', 'tr', 'tt', 'u', 'ul', 'var', 'iframe', 'section', 'article',

    'abbr', 'accept', 'accesskey',
    'action', 'align', 'alt', 'axis', 'border', 'cellpadding', 'cellspacing',
    'char', 'charoff', 'charset', 'checked', 'cite', 'class', 'clear', 'cols',
    'colspan', 'color', 'compact', 'coords', 'data-mlang', 'data-equation', 'datetime', 'dir',
    'enctype', 'for', 'headers', 'height', 'href', 'hreflang', 'hspace',
    'id', 'ismap', 'label', 'lang', 'longdesc', 'maxlength', 'method',
    'multiple', 'name', 'nohref', 'noshade', 'nowrap', 'prompt',
    'rel', 'rev', 'rows', 'rowspan', 'role', 'rules', 'scope', 'shape', 'size', 'style',
    'span', 'src', 'start', 'summary', 'tabindex', 'target', 'title', 'type',
    'usemap', 'valign', 'value', 'vspace', 'width',

    'background-color', 'background', 'background-image', 'background-position', 'background-size', 'background-repeat',
    'background-attachment', 'background-origin', 'background-clip',
    'font-family', 'font-size', 'font-weight', 'font-style', 'color',
    'width', 'height', 'min-width', 'max-width', 'min-height', 'max-height', 'line-height',
    'text-decoration', 'text-transform', 'text-align', 'border', 'border-style', 'border-width',
    'border-top', 'border-bottom', 'border-left', 'border-right', 'border-top-style',
    'border-bottom-style', 'border-left-style', 'border-right-style', 'border-top-width',
    'border-bottom-width', 'border-left-width', 'border-right-width',
    'border-top-color', 'border-bottom-color', 'border-left-color', 'border-spacing', 'border-collapse',
    'vertical-align', 'clear', 'float',
    'margin', 'margin-left', 'margin-right', 'margin-top', 'margin-bottom',
    'padding', 'padding-left', 'padding-right', 'padding-top', 'padding-bottom',


REMOVE_WITH_CONTENT = ('script', 'object', 'embed', 'style', 'form', )


Compatibility with Django REST Framework

If you are using Django Rest Framework you need to add the following code to register a serializer/field handler:

from django.utils.translation import gettext_lazy as _

from rest_framework import fields
from rest_framework.serializers import ModelSerializer

from django_cleanhtmlfield.fields import HTMLField
from django_cleanhtmlfield.helpers import clean_html

class RestHtmlField(fields.CharField):
    default_error_messages = {
        'invalid': _('"{input}" is not a valid html.')
    default_empty_html = False
    initial = False

    def __init__(self, **kwargs):
        super(RestHtmlField, self).__init__(**kwargs)

    def to_internal_value(self, data):
        return clean_html(data, strip_unsafe=True)

ModelSerializer.serializer_field_mapping[HTMLField] = RestHtmlField

Compatibility Matrix

This library should be compatible with the latest Django. For reference, here is a matrix showing the guaranteed and tested compatibility.

django-cleanhtmlfield Version Django Versions Python
1.1 2.2, 3.0, 3.1 3.5 - 3.8
1.2 2.2, 3.1, 3.2 3.7 - 3.10


MIT License

Development and Tests

The test app is located in the tests subfolder.

Download files

Download the file for your platform. If you're not sure which to choose, learn more about installing packages.

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