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pip install django-cookiebanner


  • Add cookiebanner to your INSTALLED_APPS

  • in your settings ( specify the different Cookie Groups:

from django.utils.translation import gettext_lazy as _

    "title": _("Cookie settings"),
    "header_text": _("We are using cookies on this website. A few are essential, others are not."),
    "footer_text": _("Please accept our cookies"),
    "footer_links": [
        {"title": _("Imprint"), "href": "/imprint"},
        {"title": _("Privacy"), "href": "/privacy"},
    "groups": [
            "id": "essential",
            "name": _("Essential"),
            "description": _("Essential cookies allow this page to work."),
            "cookies": [
                    "pattern": "cookiebanner",
                    "description": _("Meta cookie for the cookies that are set."),
                    "pattern": "csrftoken",
                    "description": _("This cookie prevents Cross-Site-Request-Forgery attacks."),
                    "pattern": "sessionid",
                    "description": _("This cookie is necessary to allow logging in, for example."),
            "id": "analytics",
            "name": _("Analytics"),
            "optional": True,
            "cookies": [
                    "pattern": "_pk_.*",
                    "description": _("Matomo cookie for website analysis."),
  • In your base template add the banner and the conditionals:
{% load cookiebanner %}
{% cookiebanner_modal 'vanilla' %}

<button onclick="document.querySelector('#cookiebannerModal').classList.remove('hidden')">change cookie preferences</button>

{% cookie_accepted 'analytics' as cookie_analytics %}
{% if cookie_analytics %}
<script>... javascript for matomo ...</script>
{% endif %}

Custom Template

You can create a custom template and use that instead of the default one.

  • Create a folder cookiebanner/ and a file in one of your templates/-folders, e.g.: templates/cookiebanner/mytemplate.html
  • Use {% cookiebanner_modal 'mytemplate' %}

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