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Django package to detect ~890 domains used by disposable email services

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=============================== django-disposable-email-checker

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Django package to detect between ~890 & ~8,600 domains used by disposable email services. You can validate any email against our internal list of ~890 domains used by disposable email services. Optionally you can also check each domain against the API, covering ~8,600 domains.

This code was initially developed at: However PyPI ownership has been transferred to and as such all future contributions are expected to be made to the new github repo.


Install the disposable email checker from PyPI

pip install django-disposable-email-checker

The disposable email checker comes with a list of ~890 emails. If you would like to provide your own email list create a function which returns a list of domains to block.

from disposable_email_checker.emails import email_domain_loader

def custom_email_domain_loader():
    # Anyone still using AOL will be too much of a customer service burden
    return [
    ] + email_domain_loader()

Then add the complete path including function name to your settings

DEC_LOADER = "my.package.custom_email_domain_loader"

If you would like to use the BDE integration add your API key to your Django settings

BDEA_APIKEY = "abcnotarealkey123"

optionally you can configure the BDE API timeout in seconds (default 5)


A default error message can be set globally for the validation checking (this is optional and if left blank it will default to _('Blocked email provider.')):

BDEA_MESSAGE = '<blocked email message>'

Adding to your models

Once you have completed setup add the DisposableEmailField to your models.

from django.db import models
from disposable_email_checker.fields import DisposableEmailField

class MyModel(models.Model):
    email = DisposableEmailField()

The DisposableEmailField has a few optional arguments

  • whitelist - A list of emails which will always be allowed. Defaults to []
  • message - The error message used by ValidationError if validation fails. Defaults to _('Blocked email provider.')
  • code - The error code used by ValidationError if validation fails. Defaults to "invalid".

Using the validator

If you want to use the validator by itself

from django.core.exceptions import ValidationError
from disposable_email_checker.validators import validate_disposable_email
email = ""  # replace with your own value

except ValidationError:

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