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A Dropbox Storage for your Django apps

Project description


A Dropbox Storage for your Django apps


django-dropbox-storage allows Django apps to use Dropbox as a storage backend for file uploading.


First things first:

$ pip install django-dropbox-storage

Then open the of your project and include it to your INSTALLED_APPS:


If you want to use django_dropbox_storage as default storage for all file uploads, you need to adjust DEFAULT_FILE_STORAGE too:


If you just want to use it on a single model field, you can simply import it:

from import DropboxStorage

DROPBOX_STORAGE = DropboxStorage()

photo = models.ImageField(upload_to='photos', storage=DROPBOX_STORAGE ...)

In order to let it work properly, you must set the next settings:


If you don't have DROPBOX_ACCESS_TOKEN you can create one after creating a Dropbox app at Dropbox for Developers. If you have your Dropbox App key and App secret, you can set DROPBOX_CONSUMER_KEY and DROPBOX_CONSUMER_SECRET settings in, then run:

$ python get_dropbox_token [--settings=test_settings]

And follow up on screen instructions, finally set the DROPBOX_ACCESS_TOKEN_SECRET in your module.

You can also set default root folder setting the value of DROPBOX_ROOT_FOLDER:


By default it's set to '/' (root folder).


Tests are written following Django's best practices.

In order to run them, you need to set DROPBOX_ACCESS_TOKEN properly.

NOTE: if you're testing this package as stand-alone, you can set the access token in a module put in the root folder.

To launch the test suite:

$ python test [--settings=test_settings]

To check the unit tests coverage you can:

$ pip install coverage
$ coverage run test [--settings=test_settings]
$ coverage report -m


When contributing, please follow these steps:

  • Clone the repo and make your changes.
  • Make sure your code has test cases written against it.
  • Make sure all the tests pass.
  • Lint your code with Flake8.
  • Add your name to the list of contributers.
  • Submit a Pull Request.


  • Emanuele Bertoldi

This project is based on previous work by:

Kudos and many thanks to all of them!


Copyright (c) 2018 Emanuele Bertoldi

MIT License

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