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Django Dynamic Datatables

Project description

Django Dynamic DataTables

Open-Source library for Django that provides a powerful data table interface (paginated information) with minimum effort - actively supported by AppSeed.


  • Modern Stack: Django & VanillaJS
  • DT layer provided by Simple-DataTables
  • Server-side pagination
  • Search, Filters
  • Exports in PDF, CSV formats
  • MIT License (commercial use allowed)

Django Dynamic DataTables - Open-Source tool provided by AppSeed.

How to use it

Step #1 - Install the package

$ pip install django-dynamic-datatb
// OR
$ pip install git+

Step #2 - Update Configuration, add new imports

import os, inspect
import django_dyn_dt

Step #3 - Update Configuration, include the new APPs

    'django_dyn_dt',  # <-- NEW App

Step #4 - Update Configuration, include the new TEMPLATES DIR

TEMPLATE_DIR_DATATB = os.path.join(BASE_DIR, "django_dyn_dt/templates") # <-- NEW App

        "BACKEND": "django.template.backends.django.DjangoTemplates",
        "DIRS": [TEMPLATE_DIR_DATATB],                                  # <-- NEW Include
        "APP_DIRS": True,
        "OPTIONS": {

Step #5 - Update Configuration, update STATICFILES_DIRS DIR

DYN_DB_PKG_ROOT = os.path.dirname( inspect.getfile( django_dyn_dt ) ) # <-- NEW App

    os.path.join(DYN_DB_PKG_ROOT, "templates/static"),

Step #6 - Register the model in (DYNAMIC_DATATB section)

This sample code assumes that app1 exists and model Book is defined and migrated.

    # SLUG -> Import_PATH 
    'books'  : "app1.models.Book",

Step #7 - Update routing, include APIs

from django.contrib import admin
from django.urls import path, include         # <-- NEW: 'include` directive added

urlpatterns = [
    path('', include('django_dyn_dt.urls')),  # <-- NEW: API routing rules

Step #8 - Use the Dynamic Datatable module

If the managed model is Books, the dynamic interface is /datatb/books/ and all features available.

Django Dynamic DataTables - Open-Source Tool for Developers.

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Django Dynamic DataTables - Open-source library provided by AppSeed

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