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This Django package sends your text messages (SMS) through Amazon SNS and provides reporting helpers.

Project description


This Django package sends your text messages (SMS) through Amazon SNS and provides reporting helpers.

Sending SMS using the famous boto3 package is easy. Creating usage and billing reports can become tricky especially
if you are using multiple projects on the same AWS account or if you need to split cost in any another way.

Using this package's `send_sms()` function stores an SMS event with the message id in your database and allows you to
fetch meta data (incl. price) through CloudWatch after the submission with a management command. An admin action
allows you to export all events as CSV file.


Install django-easy-eddie::

pip install django-easy-eddie

Add it to your `INSTALLED_APPS`:

.. code-block:: python


Configure settings:

.. code-block:: python

AWS_DEFAULT_REGION = 'eu-west-1'


Migrate your database::

$ python migrate easy_eddie

Sending text messages (SMS):

.. code-block:: python

from easy_eddie.sms import send_sms

send_sms(sender='your_SNS_sender_id', phone_number='your_phone_number', message='foo')

Fetching CloudWatch logs of unprocessed SMS events:

.. code-block:: python

from easy_eddie.report_fetchers import fetch_logs_of_unprocessed_sms_events


Management Command

This management command can be used to fetch log data from CloudWatch for SMS events. It is probably a good idea to
use it in any scheduled way (e.g. crontab, celery beat, etc.)::

$ python fetch_cloud_watch_log_events

AWS CloudWatch

For more information about setting up CloudWatch logging in AWS, see `Viewing Amazon CloudWatch Metrics and Logs for SMS Deliveries <>`_


Tools used in rendering this package:

* Cookiecutter_
* `cookiecutter-djangopackage`_

.. _Cookiecutter:
.. _`cookiecutter-djangopackage`:

In line with many dreipol projects named after real or fictional characters of the italian mob in america, the name of this package is inspired by Edward `Easy Eddie` J.`O'Hare. ::

It is believed O'Hare directed investigator Wilson to the Capone bookkeeper who became a key witness at the 1931 trial, and also helped break the code used in the ledgers by Capone's bookkeepers.*

*`Wikipedia <>`_


0.1.0 (2018-02-15)

* First release on PyPI.

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