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A usefull and incredible Django application that allow you to use emoticons in your templates :)

Project description

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Django-emoticons is a django application providing utilities to add emoticons in your templates. Pretty incredible no?


Once you have installed the package in your PYTHON_PATH, register the emoticons and django.contrib.staticfiles apps in your INSTALLED_APPS project’s section.



Filter Usage

For our example we will make a template who display the field content of a model, this field has this value:

Coding is fun and sexy :D

So in our templates we will load the emoticons_tags library and use the emoticons filter:

{% load emoticons_tags %}

{{ object.content|emoticons }}

Which will render:

Coding is fun and sexy smile

Tag Usage

The emoticons app also provides a tag named emoticons for converting raw text.

{% load emoticons_tags %}
{% emoticons %}
Documenting is boring but usefull :p
{% endemoticons %}

Which will render :

Documenting is boring but usefull razz


If you want to retrieve a list of all availables emoticons you can use the emoticons_index tag.

{% load emoticons_tags %}
{% emoticons_index as emoticons_list %}
{% for emoticons in emoticons_list %}
<p>{{ emoticons.0|emoticons }}: {{ emoticons|join:" " }}</p>
{% endfor %}


You can use differents settings for customizing the application:


    The directory where the emoticons files are located, use 'emoticons' as default.


    The list of the emoticons used by the application, something like this:

    (('(devil)', 'devil.gif'),
     ('(angel)', 'angel.gif'),
     ((':)', ':-)', ':=)', '(smile)'), 'smile.gif'),
     ((':(', ':-(', ':=(', '(sad)'), 'sadsmile.gif'),

If the HTML code of the emoticons does not fit to your needs, you can override the 'emoticons/emoticon.html' template to adjust it.

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