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Django endesive PDF digital signing utility.

Project description

Django endesive PDF digital signing utility. This package allows you to digitally sign a PDF document from your Django application. It is based on

In order to digitally sign your pdf documents you will need a valid p12 / pfx certificate. You can use a self-signed certificate for testing purposes but you should aquire a certificate from a Certificate Authority for production.

Special PDF certificates issued by partners on the AATL (Adobe Approved Trust List).


The full documentation is at


Install Django Endesive:

pip install django-endesive

Add it to your INSTALLED_APPS:


Add the following to your setup to your file:

    'PDF_CERTIFICATE_PATH': 'required: /path/to/your/certificate',
    'PDF_CERTIFICATE_PASSWORD': 'optional: certificate password if applicable',
        'CONTACT': 'optional: <>',
        'LOCATION': 'optional: <your location>',
        'REASON': 'optional: <Reason for Document validation>'

Here is a rather contrived example of how you would sign your pdf:

from django_endesive import pdf
from endesive.pdf import fpdf

# Generate a pdf file (this could be any file already generated by your app)
doc = fpdf.FPDF()
doc.set_font('helvetica', '', 13.0)
doc.cell(w=75.0, h=22.0, align='C',
              txt='Hello, world page=1.', border=0, ln=0)
doc.output('./pdf.pdf', "F")

# Open file and feed bytes to the sign function
pdf_bytes = open('./pdf.pdf', 'rb').read()

signed_pdf = pdf.sign(pdf_bytes=pdf_bytes)

# signed_pdf bytes can now be written to a bytestream in memory or saved to a file on disk

Running Tests

Does the code actually work?

source <YOURVIRTUALENV>/bin/activate
(myenv) $ pip install tox
(myenv) $ tox


Tools used in rendering this package:


  • This project was created by Lance Moore from Engineer ROI.


0.1.0 (2018-12-04)

  • First release on PyPI.

0.2.0 (2019-12-24)

  • All certificates passphrases are now bytes (As per deprecation warning).

  • Added support and tests to include Django 2.1 - 3.0

  • Added support and tests to include Python 3.7 - 3.8

  • PEP8 formatting errors

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