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Authorisation app for Facebook API.

Project description

A stable Facebook authentication backend for Django >= 1.4.

Starting from version 3.6.0 Django 1.7 is supported. South migrations are move to south_migrations so you need South 1.0 or newer to use them.

Requires Celery for background token operations.



django-facebook-auth can be installed as a normal Python package.

Example installation for pip:

$ pip install django-facebook-auth



This project requires working Celery integration. In case you are new to Celery, the First steps with Django tutorial will help you to hit the ground running.

Set USE_TZ = True

Add facebook_auth to INSTALLED_APPS:


Add authentication backends to AUTHENTICATION_BACKENDS:


Set necessary Facebook properties:

FACEBOOK_CANVAS_URL = ''  # root of your domain
FACEBOOK_APP_ID = '1234567890'
FACEBOOK_APP_SECRET = '91162629d258a876ee994e9233b2ad87'


The authentication flow is very straightforward:

  1. Redirect your user to Facebook OAuth endpoint using redirect_uri prepared with the help of this library.

    First in your view or context processor prepare the necessary parameters for the Facebook OAuth endpoint:

    from facebook_auth.urls import redirect_uri
    def login(request):
            'redirect_uri': redirect_uri('/login/success', '/login/fail'),
            'client_id': settings.FACEBOOK_APP_ID,
            'scope': 'email'

    And embed the link in your template:

    <a href="{{ client_id }}&amp;scope={{ scope }}&amp;redirect_uri={{ redirect_uri }}">Login using Facebook</a>
  2. User is redirected back to django-facebook-auth authentication handler, which either authenticates the user or refuses to do so.

    Prepare a separate view for each scenario.

  3. A best token for authenticated user is negotiated with Facebook in the background, using your Celery worker.

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