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Easier to use fakeredis in Django.

Project description


Easier use fakeredis in Django.


pip install django-fakeredis

Why use it?

I have experienced many times to find bugs which is caused by mutiple fakeredis instances in tests. We just want to use fakerredis like redis with one redis-server and different connections and can debug with MONITOR command in redis


  • One fakeredis server with mutiple connections for tests like the way of using redis.
  • Combine override settings to Local-memory and fake get_redis_connection, django's cache
  • To disable the fake action with passing env: "NOFAKE_REDIS=1" NOFAKE_REDIS=1 python test

Before you use django_fakeredis, your tests code maybe like that:

server = fakeredis.FakeServer()
@override_settings(CACHES={"default": {"BACKEND": "django.core.cache.backends.dummy.DummyCache" }})
@patch('foo.get_redis_connection', fakeredis.FakeRedis(server=server)
def test_sth():

Now your can just:

def test_sth():


from django_fakeredis import FakeRedis
def test_foo():
from django_fakeredis import FakeRedis
with FakeRedis("yourpath.get_redis_connection"):
from django_fakeredis import FakeRedis
with FakeRedis("yourpath.cache"):


  1. If you want to mock django.core.cache.cache with fakeredis, django-fakeredis do nothing but just override CACHE settings into Local-Memory for using the internal cast. So there are two mocked redis instance for django.cache and get_redis_connection .

If you want to use more redis commands, such as: sets, list..., you may need use django_redis, and cast the result by hand.


from django.core.cache import cache
cache.set("key", 2)
assert cache.get("key") == 2

you have to cast by hand, when using fakeredis or django_redis directly, you have to cast by hand:

import fakeredis
con = fakeredis.FakeStrictRedis()
con.set("key", 2)
assert con.get("key").decode('utf8') == "2"
  1. if you have a problem that mock is not worked, you may should to see where to patch

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