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Django storage and views to browse a Git repository

Project description

A Django application to browse a Git repository and build Web applications on top of it.

GitStorage is:

  • A Django storage to browse the contents of the repository (what you see in your working copy) from a bare repository (without a working copy);
  • Models to enrich Git objects, namely add metadata to blobs and allow access to trees
  • Mixin views to combine with class-based views to browse the repository and add or remove objects. on top of the repository;
  • Management commands.

GitStorage is built on top of PyGit2 and libgit2, it does not call Git from the command line.


The Django storage supports most of the storage API: open, save, exists, listdir… missing features include mtime, ctime and atime since Git doesn’t directly store those values.

The storage is limited just as any Git repository. It is designed for a single writer and many readers. Concurrent writing is not even tested. No effort was made to optimise read access either. Your mileage may vary.

The storage is an interesting proof-of-concept but even the rest of GitStorage loads Git objects directly.



Add metadata to the blob, only mimetype for now.


Only admin users are allowed by default. Share access to a tree and its blobs (but not its subtrees) to a regular user.


These views are designed as the foundation of class-based views like TemplateView and FormView, and your own business logic.


The main view that dispatches to a view dedicated to each Git object type (namely blob and tree).

Not actually a mixin since it is functional but the dedicated views are mixins (see below).


Default view for a tree, lists its contents.


Default view for a blob, displays its information.


Preview the current blob in the browser if possible, download it otherwise.


Force download the current blob.


Delete the current blob.


Upload a new file to the current tree (as a blob).


List of current tree permissions and removing the selected ones.


Share access to the current tree to a user by adding a tree permission.

Management Commands


Browse the repository to compute metadata for each blob not known yet.

To call after pushing new commits to the repository, ideally from a Git hook.

Cleaning up of metadata for orphan blobs is not handled.


A minimal Django project is shipped to run the test suite. Try make coverage (100% at the time of this writing).


GitStorage uses South.


GitStorage is copyright Bors Ltd with ideas from the PyGit2 project.

GitStorage is published under the GNU General Public License version 3.

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