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HotRunner is a Django test runner with useful features, like excluding apps and displaying running times of individual tests.

Project description

HotRunner is an improved django test runner.

To install HotRunner, pip install django-hotrunner.

To use HotRunner, set TEST_RUNNER = 'hotrunner.HotRunner' in your django settings file. This enables three useful features:

  • Test exclusion: None of the django.contrib tests will be run when you run your test suite. Neither will any apps you specify in the EXCLUDED_TEST_APPS setting. You can override this without deleting your EXCLUDED_TEST_APPS, by setting TEST_ALL_APPS to a true value. django.contrib apps will still not be run. To run them, specify them by name on the command line: python test django.contrib.auth

  • Copy-paste friendly test naming: HotRunner now identifies tests with a name that can be copied and pasted to rerun that test.

  • Test timing: Find out how long each test is running simply by setting your verbosity to 2 or higher. The time it takes to run each successful test will be reported at microsecond granularity:

    $ python test --verbosity=2
    test_absolute_url (news.NewsModelAbsoluteURLTestCase.test_absolute_url) ... (0.106085s) ok
    test_empty_body_returns_empty_html (news.NewsModelMarkdownTestCase.test_empty_body_returns_empty_html) ... (0.000119s) ok
    test_markdown_saved_to_html (news.NewsModelMarkdownTestCase.test_markdown_saved_to_html) ... (0.009840s) ok
    test_unicode_markdown_converted_appropriately (news.NewsModelMarkdownTestCase.test_unicode_markdown_converted_appropriately) ... (0.000501s) ok
    test_unicode_strings_must_be_decoded (news.NewsModelMarkdownTestCase.test_unicode_strings_must_be_decoded) ... (0.000384s) ok
    test_basic_slug_creation (news.NewsModelSlugificationTestCase.test_basic_slug_creation) ... (0.000609s) ok
    test_existing_slugs_do_not_get_overridden (news.NewsModelSlugificationTestCase.test_existing_slugs_do_not_get_overridden) ... (0.000254s) ok
    test_getting_conflicting_slugs (news.NewsModelSlugificationTestCase.test_getting_conflicting_slugs) ... (0.001476s) ok
    test_slugifying_disambiguates_slugs (news.NewsModelSlugificationTestCase.test_slugifying_disambiguates_slugs) ... (0.000204s) ERROR

    Tests that get skipped will not report time, as the information is not relevant.

  • XUnit style XML output. If you set HOTRUNNER_XUNIT_FILENAME to the path to a writeable file, HotRunner will write an XML document of test results to that file. This makes it easy to integrate your project with, for instance, a Jenkins continuous integration job. For example, the test suite above would look like this (minus the pretty formatting):

    <testsuite errors="1" failures="0" name="Django Project Tests" skips="0" tests="9" time="0.121">
      <testcase classname="news.tests.NewsModelAbsoluteURLTestCase" name="test_absolute_url" time="0.106085" />
      <testcase classname="news.tests.NewsModelMarkdownTestCase" name="test_empty_body_returns_empty_html" time="0.000119" />
      <testcase classname="news.tests.NewsModelMarkdownTestCase" name="test_markdown_saved_to_html" time="0.009840" />
      <testcase classname="news.tests.NewsModelMarkdownTestCase" name="test_unicode_markdown_converted_appropriately" time="0.000501" />
      <testcase classname="news.tests.NewsModelMarkdownTestCase" name="test_unicode_strings_must_be_decoded" time="0.000384" />
      <testcase classname="news.tests.NewsModelSlugificationTestCase" name="test_basic_slug_creation" time="0.000609" />
      <testcase classname="news.tests.NewsModelSlugificationTestCase" name="test_existing_slugs_do_not_get_overridden" time="0.000254" />
      <testcase classname="news.tests.NewsModelSlugificationTestCase" name="test_getting_conflicting_slugs" time="0.001476" />
      <testcase classname="news.tests.NewsModelSlugificationTestCase" name="test_slugifying_disambiguates_slugs" time="0.000204">
        <error message="list index out of range" type="exceptions.IndexError">Traceback (most recent call last):
            File "/home/jcdyer/.virtualenvs/q2/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/", line 1190, in patched
              return func(*args, **keywargs)
            File "/home/jcdyer/projects/q2/quantile2/news/", line 69, in test_slugifying_disambiguates_slugs
              news = news_items[n]
          IndexError: list index out of range

    This functionality was previously available via the django-jux project. If you are upgrading from django-jux, you can still use the old setting name of JUXD_FILENAME, though this is now deprecated, and may disappear at some point in the future.


HotRunner is built for integration with Django as a replacement for its custom test runner. It builds on functionality in unittest2, so it only works with Django 1.3 or higher.



  • Updated django test runner import to be 1.8 compatible.


  • Fixed unicode handling issue when interacting with ElementTree that was causing test suites to break.

  • Improved test identification output for verbose test suite runs.


Test runner now shows test names in a format that allows copy-paste.


Fixed issue running tests for apps specified as ‘’ in INSTALLED_APPS.


Added XUnit-style output, as previously implemented in django-jux.


Fixed problem that prevented graceful test abort using ^C on certain python versions.


Initial release. Features app exclusion and individual test timing.

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