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Utilities for localized Django projects

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Data Processing


utils.clean_unicode accepts an input string and returns normalized Unicode


Model mixin class which ensures that every text field has been processed with clean_unicode during model validation’s clean_fields step



Django TestClient subclass which resets the active translation after each request to avoid leaking translation state across tests, causing hard-to-debug side-effects like loading fixtures in the wrong language using django-modeltranslation.


from django_i18n_utils.testclients import TranslationSafeTestClient

class MyTestCase(TestCase):
    client_class = TranslationSafeTestClient

    def test_foo(self):
        # default language active
        self.client.get('/pt/myview') # Portuguese active when the view executes
        # default language active again


Django TestCase subclass which uses TranslationSafeTestClient to avoid test failures caused by previous tests leaving an unexpected locale active.


from django_i18n_utils.testcases import TranslationSafeTestCase

class MyTestCase(TranslationSafeTestCase):


Django TestCase subclass which makes it easy to create per-language tests without duplication or for-loops:

class MyLocalizedTests(LocalizedTestCase):
    def test_homepage(self):

will execute and display as if you had really created this:

class MyLocalizedTests(LocalizedTestCase):
    def test_homepage_en(self):
        … # test English
    def test_homepage_es(self):
        … # test Spanish

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