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A django admin widget to render a text field as beautiful Imperavi WYSIWYG editor

Project description

Django Imperavi editor
Supported versions
Supports Django >=1.8 and Python 2/3

pip install git+

* Add ``imperavi`` to your ``INSTALLED_APPS`` setting.

* Add imperavi URL include to your project's ```` file::

url(r'^imperavi/', include('imperavi.urls')),

cd example/
python migrate
./ shell -c "from django.contrib.auth.models import User; User.objects.create_superuser('admin', '', 'admin')"
python runserver
Then go to []( and try to create post instance

login: admin
password: admin


The quickest way to add rich text editing capabilities to your admin is to use the included ``ImperaviAdmin`` class. For example::

from .models import Category
from imperavi.admin import ImperaviAdmin

class CategotyAdmin(ImperaviAdmin):
pass, CategotyAdmin)

If you want to use it with inline admin models you need to use ``ImperaviStackedInlineAdmin`` class::

from .models import Post
from imperavi.admin import ImperaviStackedInlineAdmin

class PostInline(ImperaviStackedInlineAdmin):
model = Post
extra = 1

Custom settings

Add a ``IMPERAVI_CUSTOM_SETTINGS`` variable to your ```` with custom config::

'resize': true

Full list of settings is here.

Media URL

You can also customize the URL that django-imperavi-widget will look for the Editor media at by adding ``IMPERAVI_UPLOAD_PATH`` to your ```` file like this::

IMPERAVI_UPLOAD_PATH = 'imperavi-uploads/'

The default value is ``'imperavi/'``.

Unique images per model

If you want to serve unique media content for specific model you can add ``unique_media = True`` to your admin class::

from .models import Category
from imperavi.admin import ImperaviAdmin

class CategotyAdmin(ImperaviAdmin):
unique_media = True, CategotyAdmin)

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