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Send emails using Django template system

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Send emails using Django template system

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This is a tiny wrapper around the standard EmailMessage class and send_mail() function that provides an easy way to create email messages using the Django template system. Just pass template_name and context as the first parameters then use as normal.


  • Built with OOP, KISS and flexibility in mind. Really small and simple, but yet full-featured (I hope).

  • Extends and mimics the built-in Django’s EmailMessage and send_mail(). Compatible as much as possible.

  • Fully supports Django template system including template inheritance (thanks to BradWhittington for the note about the problem).

  • Supports any possible template engines and loaders.

  • Supports serialisation (thanks to arjandepooter).

  • Fully covered with tests.

  • Tested with Django 1.4-1.9.

  • Compatible with Python 3.


Quick start


pip install django-mail-templated

And register the app in your settings file:


Create template:

{% extends "mail_templated/base.tpl" %}

{% block subject %}
Hello {{ }}
{% endblock %}

{% block body %}
{{ }}, this is a plain text message.
{% endblock %}

{% block html %}
{{ }}, this is an <strong>html</strong> message.
{% endblock %}

Send message:

from mail_templated import send_mail
send_mail('email/hello.tpl', {'user': user}, from_email, [])

Advanced usage:

from mail_templated import EmailMessage

message = EmailMessage('email/hello.tpl', {'user': user}, from_email,
# TODO: Add more useful commands here.

More useful info and examples at

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