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A collection of extensions for Django developed by Mauve Internet

Project description

A collection of extensions for Django, developed for internal use at Mauve Internet.

Most of this work was done in 2007-2011, and may not be up-to-date for use with current Django.

  • mauveinternet.calendar - Month and Week classes, for applications that would like to manipulate and traverse dates in this way.

  • mauveinternet.content_scoring - functionality to rate how good a piece of content is.

  • mauveinternet.devtools - management commands for introinspecting Django projects

  • mauveinternet.emailing - tools for emailing

  • - a self-service help system

  • mauveinternet.markdown - a Markdown-aware input widget and field type

  • mauveinterent.ordering - a basket/cart system, and utilities for building web shops

  • mauveinternet.svggraph - a server-rendered SVG graph system

  • mauveinternet.tags - miscellaneous useful template tags

  • mauveinternet.context_processors - miscellaneous useful context processors

  • mauveinternet.csvresponse - a HttpResponse subclass for CSV data

  • mauveinternet.decorators - miscellaneous decorators

  • mauveinternet.formail - send a validated Django form as an e-mail

  • mauveinternet.decorators - miscellaneous Django middleware

  • mauveintenet.models - miscellaneous Django models

  • - a Money class following the Enterprise Design Pattern

  • mauveinternet.shortcuts - helper functions to make common operations more concise

  • mauveinternet.thumbnail - a Django model field that saves thumbnailed versions whenever a new original is saved

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