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Memorize your Django project's items with spaced repetition theory

Project description

Writing a flashcard application is almost a rite of passage for django users.
You create a simple Card model, you create a quiz view and template and you call
it a day. A simple application and not very useful.

Django-memorize adds a more advanced way of learning your flashcards (or
whatever items you'd like) with the theory of `spaced repetition
< spaced repetition>`_. The
`SuperMemo 2 algorithm <>`_ is
currently used. Flashcard web apps have just gotten better and easier.

#. Download the `latest version
#. Extract and run ``python install``.
#. Add ``memorize`` to ``INSTALLED_APPS`` list.


Add an Item to Practice
Let's assume you have a flashcard web app with a card model::

from django.db import models
from django.contrib.auth.models import User

class Card(models.Model):
front = models.CharField(max_length=255)
back = models.CharField(max_length=255)
user = models.ForeignKey(User)

To begin practicing a new card, save a practice object for your flashcard::

from memorize.models import Practice

card = Card(front="When was Sgt. Pepper released?", back="1967",
practice = Practice(item=card, user=card.user)

Start Practicing
The view ``memorize.views.next_practice_item`` does all the work of determining
what the next item a user should practice. You just need to provide a template
file. Add an item to your file::

urlpatterns += patterns(
url(r'^item/next/$', 'next_practice_item', {'template':
'memorize/next.html'}, name='next-song'),

Template Variables Provided
A ``memorize.forms.RatingsForm`` instance you use to save the performance on
this practice instance.

Your original item. Use this to get your information (e.g., ``card.front``

The practice row.

Saving Feedback
The key to spaced repetition algorithms is using your past performance to
determine when is the optimal time to reshow an item. If you used the
``next_practice_item`` the template will have a ``form`` object that provides
all the relative information.

The view ``memorize.views.process_rating`` will process the data. Add this view
to your file.


<form action="{% url memorize.views.process_rating %}" method="post">
{{ form }}

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