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Detect backward incompatible migrations for your django project

Project description

Django migration linter

Detect backward incompatible migrations for your Django project. It will save you time by making sure migrations will not break with a older codebase.

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Quick installation

pip install django-migration-linter

And add the migration linter to your INSTALLED_APPS:


Optionally, add a configuration:


For details about configuration options, checkout Usage.

Usage example

$ python lintmigrations

(app_add_not_null_column, 0001_create_table)... OK
(app_add_not_null_column, 0002_add_new_not_null_field)... ERR
        NOT NULL constraint on columns
(app_drop_table, 0001_initial)... OK
(app_drop_table, 0002_delete_a)... ERR
        DROPPING table
(app_ignore_migration, 0001_initial)... OK
(app_ignore_migration, 0002_ignore_migration)... IGNORE
(app_rename_table, 0001_initial)... OK
(app_rename_table, 0002_auto_20190414_1500)... ERR
        RENAMING tables

*** Summary ***
Valid migrations: 4/8
Erroneous migrations: 3/8
Migrations with warnings: 0/8
Ignored migrations: 1/8

The linter analysed all migrations from the Django project. It found 3 migrations that are doing backward incompatible operations and 1 that is explicitly ignored. The list of incompatibilities that the linter analyses can be found at docs/

More advanced usages of the linter and options can be found at docs/


One can either integrate the linter in the CI using its lintmigrations command, or detect incompatibilities during generation of migrations with

$ python makemigrations --lint

Migrations for 'app_correct':
    - Add field column to a
Linting for 'app_correct':
(app_correct, 0003_a_column)... ERR
        NOT NULL constraint on columns

The migration linter detected that this migration is not backward compatible.
- If you keep the migration, you will want to fix the issue or ignore the migration.
- By default, the newly created migration file will be deleted.
Do you want to keep the migration? [y/N] n
Deleted tests/test_project/app_correct/migrations/

The linter found that the newly created migration is not backward compatible and deleted the file after confirmation. This behaviour can be the default of the makemigrations command through the MIGRATION_LINTER_OVERRIDE_MAKEMIGRATIONS Django setting. Find out more about the makemigrations command at docs/

More information

Please find more documentation in the docs/ folder.

Some implementation details can be found in the ./docs/internals/ folder.

Blog post

They talk about the linter


  • django-test-migrations - Test django schema and data migrations, including migrations' order and best practices.


django-migration-linter is released under the Apache 2.0 License.

Maintained by David Wobrock

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