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Boilerplate for creating publishable lists of objects

Project description


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Django-mininews is a basic tool for controlling the *publication* of objects.

Let's take an example: you have a 'news' application, that just consists of a
Article model. In the admin interface, mininews will add this fieldset:

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All articles will have the following 3 fields:

- status: usually 'draft' or 'published'.
- start: start date, defaults to whenever the status is changed to ``published``.
- end: end date; optional.

Articles can only be viewed in the public website **if** they are ``published``
**and** between the start and end dates.

In addition, we have a fieldset for showing various read-only status fields:

.. image:: docs/img/mininews-status-fieldset.png

These can be of use for tracking changes to an Article.

And that's it... Mininews is just an abstract Model, together with plenty of code - in the models,
views, admin and sitemap - to make the best use of it, that you will reuse
again and again throughout a project.

What can I use it for?
Here are some examples of Mininews at work:

- `Minutes of the meetings of an association <>`_.
- `Controlling the publication of the Events at a well-known racetrack <>`_.
- `Controlling when job offers are displayed <>`_.

There are several similar projects that take slightly different approaches
to publication control; usually they introduce more sophisticated control. A well-known
example is `django-reversion <>`_.

Mininews is a very basic publication control tool, but works well on several production
websites. Its author has found it be a decent compromise between a tool that's too
basic to be useful, and too complex to be understood by its intended end users.

Installation and usage
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Please take a look at
`the documentation <>`_ on ReadTheDocs.

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