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Avalara integration for django-oscar

Project description

This package provides integration between Avalara and Oscar. Avalara is a service that provides accurate sales tax calculations in the US.

Useful documentation:



Install from PyPI:

$ pip install django-oscar-avalara

or Github:

$ pip install git+

then add 'avalara' to INSTALLED_APPS.

Specify the following settings:


You should have been provided with these details when you signed up with Avalara.

When not in production, set AVALARA_TEST_MODE = True to make requests to the Avalara development server.

This package uses a named logger 'avalara' so it is normally useful to define handlers to this logger.


To integrate Avalara into checkout, you need to override two methods from the checkout view class PaymentDetailsView.

First override build_submission to apply taxes to the basket and shipping method:

from oscar.apps.checkout import views
from django.contrib import messages
from django.template import loader

import avalara

class PaymentDetailsView(views.PaymentDetailsView):


    def build_submission(self, **kwargs):
        submission = super(PaymentDetailsView, self).build_submission(**kwargs)

        # Fetch and apply taxes to submission dict
        except avalara.InvalidAddress, e:
            msg = loader.render_to_string(
                {'error': e.message})
            messages.error(self.request, msg, extra_tags="safe noicon")

        return submission

Here we are passing the submission dict to apply_taxes_to_submission which will look up the appropriate taxes and apply them in place to the basket and shipping method instances.

We also watch out for InvalidAddress exceptions which will be raised if Avalara is unable to find a tax jurisdiction for the passed shipping address.

Finally, override handle_successful_order to submit the placed order to Avalara:

from oscar.apps.checkout import views
from django.contrib import messages
from django.template import loader

import avalara

class PaymentDetailsView(views.PaymentDetailsView):


    def handle_successful_order(self, order):
        response = super(PaymentDetailsView, self).handle_successful_order(

        # Submit tax information to Avalara
        except Exception:
            # Tax can be re-submitted later so we swallow all possible
            # exceptions and log them.
            logger.error("Unable to submit tax information for order %s",
                         order.number, exc_info=True)

        return response

Here we pass the order instance to submit which will submit the tax information to Avalara for reporting. We also catch and log any exception as we don’t want order placement to show an error screen. If there is a problem talking to Avalara, we can manually resubmit the order later on.


Clone the repo, create a virtualenv and run:

make install

to install all dependencies. Run the tests with:


There is a sandbox site that you can browse and use to test the Avalara integration. Create it using:

make sandbox

and browse it after:

cd sandbox
./ runserver

Note that you will need to have test credentials for Avalara in a private module.



Fix a few issues with submitting orders.


Support Oscar 1.0 and solve a cache key issue.


Patch release to limit support to django-oscar>=0.6,<1.0.


Initial version - supports django-oscar>=0.6.

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