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Lightweight version of django-simple-captcha for work with django-rest-framework

Project description

Django rest captcha

Lightweight version of django-simple-captcha for work with django-rest-framework.


  • Speed: use cache instead of database
  • Safety: union methods for generate key and image. (You can't generate many images for one key)
  • Easy: only one rest api (for generate, refresh image).


Add RestCaptchaSerializer to your protected request validator:

from rest_captcha serializer import RestCaptchaSerializer
class HumanOnlyDataSerializer(RestCaptchaSerializer):

This code add to your serializer two required fields (captcha_key, captcha_value)

For provide this fields client(js code) should generate key:

> curl -X POST http:localhost:8000/api/captcha/ | python -m json.tool
    'image_type': 'image/png',
    'image_decode': 'base64',
    'captcha_key': 'de67e7f3-72d9-42d8-9677-ea381610363d',
    'captcha_value': '... image encoded in base64'

captcha_value - is base64 encoded PNG image, client should decode and show this image to human for validation and send letters from captcha to protected api. If human have mistake - client should re generate your image.

Note: See also trottling for protect public api


> pip install django-rest-captcha

Add to your

Add to installed apps:


Set rest_captcha settings (if you want), see defaults:

    'CAPTCHA_CACHE': 'default',
    'CAPTCHA_TIMEOUT': 300,  # 5 minutes
    'CAPTCHA_IMAGE_SIZE': (90, 40),
    'CAPTCHA_CACHE_KEY': 'rest_captcha_{key}.{version}',
    'FILTER_FUNCTION': 'rest_captcha.captcha.filter_default',
    'NOISE_FUNCTION': 'rest_captcha.captcha.noise_default'

We recommend using redis or local memory as cache with set parameter, with bigger value of MAX_ENTRIES:

    'default': {
        'BACKEND': 'django.core.cache.backends.locmem.LocMemCache',
        'LOCATION': 'rest-captcha',
        'MAX_ENTRIES': 10000,

Add hooks to your app router (

urlpatterns = [
    url(r'api/captcha/', include('rest_captcha.urls')),

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