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A RQL-enabled filter backend for django-rest-framework

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This app implements a RQL/RSQL/FIQL filter backend for django-rest-framework and enables passing arbitrary conditional expressions to filter entities.


pip install django-rql-filter


Add rql_filter to your project INSTALLED_APPS.

Add the RQLFilterBackend to your viewset filter_backends:

from rql_filter.backend import RQLFilterBackend

class ThingyViewSet(viewsets.ReadOnlyModelViewSet):
    filter_backends = (

You may now pass a RQL/RSQL/FIQL query to API URLs using the q querystring parameter:


Query syntax

A query is made using a combination of field comparisons. Comparisons are composed by a field name, an operator and a value.





Equal to



Not equal to


< =lt=

Less than

age<30 age=lt=30

<= =le=

Less than or equal to

age<=30 age=le=30

> =gt=

Greater than

age>30 age=gt=30

>= =ge=

Greater than or equal to

age>=30 age=ge=30


Belongs to set



Does not belong to set


Comparisons can traverse model relations by separating field names with a double underscore: father__name==bob.

Values must be quoted with single or double quotes when they include special characters or spaces: name=="bob katz".

Comparisons may be combined using logical operators: ; for a logical AND, and , for a logical OR: name=="bob";age>=30. AND has priority over OR; grouping is available using parentheses: name=="bob";(age>=30,age<3).

Note: RQL/RSQL/FIQL support is still incomplete, it will be enhanced over time.


RQL_FILTER_QUERY_PARAM sets the querystring parameter name to use; it defaults to 'q'.

Using without rest-framework

You may use the backend manually outside a rest-framework viewset:

from rql_filter.backend import RQLFilterBackend

# May be reused any number of times
backend = RQLFilterBackend()

# Fake request object
class FakeRQLRequest:
    def __init__(self, q):
        self.GET = {'q': q}

qs = Thingy.objects.all()
filtered_qs = backend.filter_queryset(


Install testing dependencies:

pip install -e .[testing]

Run tests:


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