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Store model history and view/revert changes from admin site.

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django-simple-history stores Django model state on every create/update/delete.

This app supports the following combinations of Django and Python:




3.8, 3.9, 3.10


3.8, 3.9, 3.10, 3.11, 3.12, 3.13-dev


3.10, 3.11, 3.12, 3.13-dev


3.10, 3.11, 3.12, 3.13-dev

Getting Help

Documentation is available at

Pull requests are welcome. Read the CONTRIBUTING file for tips on submitting a pull request.


This project is licensed under the BSD 3-Clause license.



3.5.0 (2024-02-19)

  • Fixed FieldError when creating historical records for many-to-many fields with to="self" (gh-1218)

  • Allow HistoricalRecords.m2m_fields as str (gh-1243)

  • Fixed HistoryRequestMiddleware deleting non-existent HistoricalRecords.context.request in very specific circumstances (gh-1256)

  • Added custom_historical_attrs to bulk_create_with_history() and bulk_update_with_history() for setting additional fields on custom history models (gh-1248)

  • Passing an empty list as the fields argument to bulk_update_with_history() is now allowed; history records will still be created (gh-1248)

  • Added temporary requirement on asgiref>=3.6 while the minimum required Django version is lower than 4.2 (gh-1261)

  • Small performance optimization of the clean-duplicate_history command (gh-1015)

  • Support Simplified Chinese translation (gh-1281)

  • Added support for Django 5.0 (gh-1283)

  • Added support for Python 3.13 (gh-1289)

3.4.0 (2023-08-18)

  • Fixed typos in the docs

  • Added feature to evaluate history model permissions explicitly when SIMPLE_HISTORY_ENFORCE_HISTORY_MODEL_PERMISSIONS is set to True in settings (gh-1017).

  • Fixed SimpleHistoryAdmin not properly integrating with custom user models (gh-1177)

  • Support Indonesian translation (gh-1198)

  • Support Urdu translation (gh-1199)

  • Support Norwegian Bokmål translation (gh-1210)

  • Dropped support for Python 3.7, which reached end-of-life on 2023-06-27 (gh-1202)

  • Dropped support for Django 4.0, which reached end-of-life on 2023-04-01 (gh-1202)

  • Added support for Django 4.2 (gh-1202)

  • Made bulk_update_with_history() return the number of model rows updated (gh-1206)

  • Fixed HistoryRequestMiddleware not cleaning up after itself (i.e. deleting HistoricalRecords.context.request) under some circumstances (gh-1188)

  • Made HistoryRequestMiddleware async-capable (gh-1209)

  • Fixed error when setting table_name with inherit=True (gh-1195)

3.3.0 (2023-03-08)

  • Made it possible to use the new m2m_fields with model inheritance (gh-1042)

  • Added two signals: pre_create_historical_m2m_records and post_create_historical_m2m_records (gh-1042)

  • Added tracked_fields attribute to historical models (gh-1038)

  • Fixed KeyError when running clean_duplicate_history on models with excluded_fields (gh-1038)

  • Added support for Python 3.11 (gh-1053)

  • Added Arabic translations (gh-1056)

  • Fixed a code example under “Tracking many to many relationships” (gh-1069)

  • Added a --base-manager option to the clean_duplicate_history management command (gh-1115)

3.2.0 (2022-09-28)

  • Fixed typos in the docs

  • Removed n+1 query from bulk_create_with_history utility (gh-975)

  • Started using exists query instead of count in populate_history command (gh-982)

  • Add basic support for many-to-many fields (gh-399)

  • Added support for Django 4.1 (gh-1021)

3.1.1 (2022-04-23)

Full list of changes:

  • Fix py36 references in pyproject.toml (gh-960)

  • Fix local install versioning issue (gh-960)

  • Remove py2 universal wheel cfg - only py3 needed now (gh-960)

3.1.0 (2022-04-09)

Breaking Changes:

  • Dropped support for Django 2.2 (gh-968)

  • Dropped support for Django 3.1 (gh-952)

  • Dropped support for Python 3.6, which reached end-of-life on 2021-12-23 (gh-946)

Upgrade Implications:

  • Run makemigrations after upgrading to realize the benefit of indexing changes.

Full list of changes:

  • Added queryset-based filtering with as_of (gh-397)

  • Added index on history_date column; opt-out with setting SIMPLE_HISTORY_DATE_INDEX (gh-565)

  • RecordModels now support a no_db_index setting, to drop indices in historical models, default stays the same (gh-720)

  • Support included_fields for history.diff_against (gh-776)

  • Improve performance of history.diff_against by reducing number of queries to 0 in most cases (gh-776)

  • Fixed prev_record and next_record performance when using excluded_fields (gh-791)

  • Fixed update_change_reason in pk (gh-806)

  • Fixed bug where serializer of djangorestframework crashed if used with OrderingFilter (gh-821)

  • Fixed make format so it works by using tox (gh-859)

  • Fixed bug where latest() is not idempotent for identical history_date records (gh-861)

  • Added excluded_field_kwargs to support custom OneToOneField that have additional arguments that don’t exist on ForeignKey. (gh-870)

  • Added Czech translations (gh-885)

  • Added ability to break into debugger on unit test failure (gh-890)

  • Added pre-commit for better commit quality (gh-896)

  • Russian translations update (gh-897)

  • Added support for Django 4.0 (gh-898)

  • Added Python 3.10 to test matrix (gh-899)

  • Fix bug with history.diff_against with non-editable fields (gh-923)

  • Added HistoricForeignKey (gh-940)

  • Support change reason formula feature. Change reason formula can be defined by overriding get_change_reason_for_object method after subclassing HistoricalRecords (gh-962)

3.0.0 (2021-04-16)

Breaking changes:

  • Removed support for Django 3.0

  • Removed changeReason in favor of _change_reason (see 2.10.0)

Full list of changes:

  • Removed support for Django versions prior to 2.2 (gh-652)

  • Migrate from TravisCI to Github Actions (gh-739)

  • Add Python 3.9 support (gh-745)

  • Support ignore_conflicts in bulk_create_with_history (gh-733)

  • Use asgiref when available instead of thread locals (gh-747)

  • Sort imports with isort (gh-751)

  • Queryset history.as_of speed improvements by calculating in the DB (gh-758)

  • Increase black and isort python version to 3.6 (gh-817)

  • Remove Django 3.0 support (gh-817)

  • Add Django 3.2 support (gh-817)

  • Improve French translations (gh-811)

  • Remove support for changeReason (gh-819)

2.12.0 (2020-10-14)

  • Add default date to bulk_create_with_history and bulk_update_with_history (gh-687)

  • Exclude ManyToManyFields when using bulk_create_with_history (gh-699)

  • Added --excluded_fields argument to clean_duplicate_history command (gh-674)

  • Exclude ManyToManyFields when fetching excluded fields (gh-707)

  • Use default model manager for bulk_create_with_history and bulk_update_with_history instead of objects (gh-703)

  • Add optional manager argument to bulk_update_with_history to use instead of the default manager (gh-703)

  • Add support for Django 3.1 (gh-713)

  • Fix a bug with clean_old_history command’s –days argument (gh-722)

* NOTE: This will be the last minor release before 3.0.0.

2.11.0 (2020-06-20)

  • Added clean_old_history management command (gh-675)

  • Added user_db_constraint param to history to avoid circular reference on delete (gh-676)

  • Leverages get_user from HistoricalRecords in order to set a fallback user on bulk update and bulk create (gh-677)

2.10.0 (2020-04-27)

  • Added bulk_update_with_history utility function (gh-650)

  • Add default user and default change reason to bulk_create_with_history and bulk_update_with_history (gh-653)

  • Add french translation (gh-654)

  • Start using _change_reason instead of changeReason to add change reasons to historical objects. changeReason is deprecated and will be removed in version 3.0.0 (gh-655)

2.9.0 (2020-04-23)

  • Add simple filtering if provided a minutes argument in clean_duplicate_history (gh-606)

  • Add setting to convert FileField to CharField instead of TextField (gh-625)

  • Added notes on BitBucket Pipelines (gh-627)

  • import model ContentType in SimpleHistoryAdmin using django_apps.get_model to avoid possible AppRegistryNotReady exception (gh-630)

  • Fix utils.update_change_reason when user specifies excluded_fields (gh-637)

  • Changed how now is imported from timezone (timezone module is imported now) (gh-643)

  • settings.SIMPLE_HISTORY_REVERT_DISABLED if True removes the Revert button from the history form for all historical models (gh-632))

2.8.0 (2019-12-02)

  • Fixed bulk_create_with_history support for HistoryRecords with relation_name attribute (gh-591)

  • Added support for bulk_create_with_history for databases different from PostgreSQL (gh-577)

  • Fixed DoesNotExist error when trying to get instance if object is deleted (gh-571)

  • Fix model_to_dict to detect changes in a parent model when using inherit=True (backwards-incompatible for users who were directly using previous version) (gh-576)

  • Use an iterator for clean_duplicate_history (gh-604)

  • Add support for Python 3.8 and Django 3.0 (gh-610)

2.7.3 (2019-07-15)

  • Fixed BigAutoField not mirrored as BigInt (gh-556)

  • Fixed most_recent() bug with excluded_fields (gh-561)

  • Added official Django 2.2 support (gh-555)

2.7.2 (2019-04-17)

  • Fixed ModuleNotFound issue for six (gh-553)

2.7.1 (2019-04-16)

  • Added the possibility to create a relation to the original model (gh-536)

  • Fix router backward-compatibility issue with 2.7.0 (gh-539, gh-547)

  • Fix hardcoded history manager (gh-542)

  • Replace deprecated django.utils.six with six (gh-526)

  • Allow custom_model_name parameter to be a callable (gh-489)

2.7.0 (2019-01-16)

  • * Add support for using chained manager method and save/delete keyword argument (gh-507)

  • Added management command clean_duplicate_history to remove duplicate history entries (gh-483)

  • Updated most_recent to work with excluded_fields (gh-477)

  • Fixed bug that prevented self-referential foreign key from using 'self' (gh-513)

  • Added ability to track custom user with explicit custom history_user_id_field (gh-511)

  • Don’t resolve relationships for history objects (gh-479)

  • Reorganization of docs (gh-510)

* NOTE: This change was not backward compatible for users using routers to write history tables to a separate database from their base tables. This issue is fixed in 2.7.1.

2.6.0 (2018-12-12)

  • Add app parameter to the constructor of HistoricalRecords (gh-486)

  • Add custom_model_name parameter to the constructor of HistoricalRecords (gh-451)

  • Fix header on history pages when custom site_header is used (gh-448)

  • Modify pre_create_historical_record to pass history_instance for ease of customization (gh-421)

  • Raise warning if HistoricalRecords(inherit=False) is in an abstract model (gh-341)

  • Ensure custom arguments for fields are included in historical models’ fields (gh-431)

  • Add german translations (gh-484)

  • Add extra_context parameter to history_form_view (gh-467)

  • Fixed bug that prevented next_record and prev_record to work with custom manager names (gh-501)

2.5.1 (2018-10-19)

  • Add '+' as the history_type for each instance in bulk_history_create (gh-449)

  • Add support for history_change_reason for each instance in bulk_history_create (gh-449)

  • Add history_change_reason in the history list view under the Change reason display name (gh-458)

  • Fix bug that caused failures when using a custom user model (gh-459)

2.5.0 (2018-10-18)

  • Add ability to cascade delete historical records when master record is deleted (gh-440)

  • Added Russian localization (gh-441)

2.4.0 (2018-09-20)

  • Add pre and post create_historical_record signals (gh-426)

  • Remove support for django_mongodb_engine when converting AutoFields (gh-432)

  • Add support for Django 2.1 (gh-418)

2.3.0 (2018-07-19)

  • Add ability to diff HistoricalRecords (gh-244)

2.2.0 (2018-07-02)

  • Add ability to specify alternative user_model for tracking (gh-371)

  • Add util function bulk_create_with_history to allow bulk_create with history saved (gh-412)

2.1.1 (2018-06-15)

  • Fixed out-of-memory exception when running populate_history management command (gh-408)

  • Fix TypeError on populate_history if excluded_fields are specified (gh-410)

2.1.0 (2018-06-04)

  • Add ability to specify custom history_reason field (gh-379)

  • Add ability to specify custom history_id field (gh-368)

  • Add HistoricalRecord instance properties prev_record and next_record (gh-365)

  • Can set admin methods as attributes on object history change list template (gh-390)

  • Fixed compatibility of >= 2.0 versions with old-style middleware (gh-369)

2.0 (2018-04-05)

  • Added Django 2.0 support (gh-330)

  • Dropped support for Django<=1.10 (gh-356)

  • Fix bug where history_view ignored user permissions (gh-361)

  • Fixed HistoryRequestMiddleware which hadn’t been working for Django>1.9 (gh-364)

1.9.1 (2018-03-30)

  • Use get_queryset rather than model.objects in history_view. (gh-303)

  • Change ugettext calls in to ugettext_lazy

  • Resolve issue where model references itself (gh-278)

  • Fix issue with tracking an inherited model (abstract class) (gh-269)

  • Fix history detail view on django-admin for abstract models (gh-308)

  • Dropped support for Django<=1.6 and Python 3.3 (gh-292)

1.9.0 (2017-06-11)

  • Add --batchsize option to the populate_history management command. (gh-231)

  • Add ability to show specific attributes in admin history list view. (gh-256)

  • Add Brazilian Portuguese translation file. (gh-279)

  • Fix locale file packaging issue. (gh-280)

  • Add ability to specify reason for history change. (gh-275)

  • Test against Django 1.11 and Python 3.6. (gh-276)

  • Add excluded_fields option to exclude fields from history. (gh-274)

1.8.2 (2017-01-19)

  • Add Polish locale.

  • Add Django 1.10 support.

1.8.1 (2016-03-19)

  • Clear the threadlocal request object when processing the response to prevent test interactions. (gh-213)

1.8.0 (2016-02-02)

  • History tracking can be inherited by passing inherit=True. (gh-63)

1.7.0 (2015-12-02)

  • Add ability to list history in admin when the object instance is deleted. (gh-72)

  • Add ability to change history through the admin. (Enabled with the SIMPLE_HISTORY_EDIT setting.)

  • Add Django 1.9 support.

  • Support for custom tables names. (gh-196)

1.6.3 (2015-07-30)

  • Respect to_field and db_column parameters (gh-182)

1.6.2 (2015-07-04)

  • Use app loading system and fix deprecation warnings on Django 1.8 (gh-172)

  • Update Landscape configuration

1.6.1 (2015-04-21)

  • Fix OneToOneField transformation for historical models (gh-166)

  • Disable cascading deletes from related models to historical models

  • Fix restoring historical instances with missing one-to-one relations (gh-162)

1.6.0 (2015-04-16)

  • Add support for Django 1.8+

  • Deprecated use of CustomForeignKeyField (to be removed)

  • Remove default reverse accessor to auth.User for historical models (gh-121)

1.5.4 (2015-01-03)

  • Fix a bug when models have a ForeignKey with primary_key=True

  • Do NOT delete the history elements when a user is deleted.

  • Add support for latest

  • Allow setting a reason for change. [using option changeReason]

1.5.3 (2014-11-18)

  • Fix migrations while using order_with_respsect_to (gh-140)

  • Fix migrations using south

  • Allow history accessor class to be overridden in register()

1.5.2 (2014-10-15)

  • Additional fix for migrations (gh-128)

1.5.1 (2014-10-13)

  • Removed some incompatibilities with non-default admin sites (gh-92)

  • Fixed error caused by HistoryRequestMiddleware during anonymous requests (gh-115 fixes gh-114)

  • Added workaround for clashing related historical accessors on User (gh-121)

  • Added support for MongoDB AutoField (gh-125)

  • Fixed CustomForeignKeyField errors with 1.7 migrations (gh-126 fixes gh-124)

1.5.0 (2014-08-17)

  • Extended availability of the as_of method to models as well as instances.

  • Allow history_user on historical objects to be set by middleware.

  • Fixed error that occurs when a foreign key is designated using just the name of the model.

  • Drop Django 1.3 support

1.4.0 (2014-06-29)

  • Fixed error that occurs when models have a foreign key pointing to a one to one field.

  • Fix bug when model verbose_name uses unicode (gh-76)

  • Allow non-integer foreign keys

  • Allow foreign keys referencing the name of the model as a string

  • Added the ability to specify a custom history_date

  • Note that simple_history should be added to INSTALLED_APPS (gh-94 fixes gh-69)

  • Properly handle primary key escaping in admin URLs (gh-96 fixes gh-81)

  • Add support for new app loading (Django 1.7+)

  • Allow specifying custom base classes for historical models (gh-98)

1.3.0 (2013-05-17)

  • Fixed bug when using django-simple-history on nested models package

  • Allow history table to be formatted correctly with django-admin-bootstrap

  • Disallow calling simple_history.register twice on the same model

  • Added Python 3 support

  • Added support for custom user model (Django 1.5+)

1.2.3 (2013-04-22)

  • Fixed packaging bug: added admin template files to PyPI package

1.2.1 (2013-04-22)

  • Added tests

  • Added history view/revert feature in admin interface

  • Various fixes and improvements

Oct 22, 2010

  • Merged from Klaas van Schelven - Thanks!

Feb 21, 2010

  • Initial project creation, with changes to support ForeignKey relations.

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