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Collection of simple django tags and filters.

Project description


Collection of simple django tags and filters.


pip install django-simple-tags

Installed Tags or Filters

  • Tags
    • sprintf
    • string_format
    • admin_url
    • if_cookie
    • get_cookie
    • has_cookie
    • if_setting
    • get_setting
    • has_setting
    • model_select_include
    • call
    • call_method
    • reset: reset template variable value
  • Filters
    • add_string_gap
    • add_string_left_gap
    • add_string_right_gap
    • get_model_verbose_name
    • get_model_app_label
    • get_model_name
    • get_model_fullname
    • show_boolean_icon
  • Utils
    • get_related_model_field: get model's related model and field by field name.





{% load django_simple_tags %}

{% load django_simple_tags %}

<h1>{% sprintf "hello %s" "Tom" %}</h1>

<h1>{% string_format "hi {0}" "Tom" %}</h1>

<h1>{% string_format "hi {name}" name="Tom" %}</h1>

<h1>{% string_format "{0} + {1} = {result}" 3 4 result=7 %}</h1>

<a href="{% admin_url cat "change" %}">{% admin_url cat "change" %}</a>

<h1>{% if_cookie request "sessionid" "sessionid exists.." "sessionid NOT exists.." %}</h1>

<h1>{% get_cookie request "sessionid" %}</h1>

<h1>{% has_cookie request "sessionid" as has_sessionid %}{% if has_sessionid %}sessionid exists..{% else %}sessionid NOT exists..{% endif %}</h1>

<h1>{% if_cookie request "xsessionid" "xsessionid exists..." "xsessionid NOT exists" %}</h1>

<h1>{% get_cookie request "xsessionid" "None" %}</h1>

<h1>{% has_cookie request "xsessionid" as has_xsessionid %}{% if has_xsessionid %}xsessionid exists...{% else %}xsessionid NOT exists...{% endif %}</h1>

<h1>{% if_setting "DEBUG" "settings.DEBUG exists..." "settings.DEBUG not exists..." %}</h1>

<h1>{% get_setting "DEBUG" %}</h1>

<h1>{% has_setting "DEBUG" as has_debug %}{% if has_debug %}settings.DEBUG exists...{% else %}settings.DEBUG NOT exists...{% endif %}</h1>

<h1>{% if_setting "NO_DEBUG" "settings.NO_DEBUG exists..." "settings.NO_DEBUG NOT exists..." %}</h1>

<h1>{% get_setting "NO_DEBUG" False %}</h1>

<h1>{% has_setting "NO_DEBUG" as has_no_debug %}{% if has_no_debug %}NO_DEBUG exists...{% else %}settings.NO_DEBUG NOT exists...{% endif %}</h1>

{% model_select_include cat "hello.html" %}

{% model_select_include cat "world.html" %}

{% model_select_include cat "hi.html" %}

<h1>{% sprintf "Select%sto view" "Category"|add_string_gap:" " %}</h1>

<h1>{% sprintf "Select%sto view" "Category"|add_string_left_gap:" ["|add_string_right_gap:"] " %}</h1>






v0.1.0 2020/02/23

  • First release.

v0.2.0 2020/02/23

  • Fix document.
  • Remove print statements.
  • Add filters: add_string_gap, add_string_left_gap, add_string_right_gap.

v0.3.0 2020/03/03

  • Add filters: get_model_app_label, get_model_name, get_model_fullname, get_model_verbose_name.

v0.4.0 2020/03/21

  • Add tags: call, call_method

v0.5.0 2020/03/22

  • Add filter: show_boolean_icon

v0.6.0 2020/04/27

  • Add tag: reset
  • Add utils.get_related_model_field

v0.6.1 2023/09/14

  • Doc update.

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